We’ve a jolly gallery of greeting cards this yuletide. Have a look through our merry selection, choose your favourite, download, edit and share!

Check out the cards from previous years via the links below:

2015 Christmas Cards | 2014 Christmas Cards

2013 Christmas Cards | 2012 Christmas Cards

1. Christmas Cheer

Created by Anna Smith & Bethany Mellor

“This year we wanted to create something simple and fun – that we can all relate to in one way or another! The nice transitions in PPT helped keep it simple, while adding some basic sound effects helped the little animation come to life!”

Get your hands on the editable PowerPoint from the zip file here

2. Winter Gift Giver

Created by Emma Trantham & Miriam Martinez

“For this year’s card we wanted to recognise that not everyone shares the dressed-in-red Father Christmas tradition and so we got all the “Winter gift givers” together. And what else would they be doing but watching and listening to a PowerPoint presentation at their annual conference?!”

Get your hands on the editable PowerPoint from the zip file here

3. Penguin Song

Created by Hannah Brownlow, Kate Allen, Sandy Rushton & Shay O’Donnell

“The Christmas classics are already ringing out in supermarkets the world over, so we thought we’d take a musical approach to this year’s holiday card. Finding a tuneful penguin noise proved…challenging – and we may have stumbled into whoopee cushion territory – but we hope you enjoy creating your own avian Christmas number 1!”

Get your hands on the editable PowerPoint from the zip file here

4. Santa’s Call for Action

Created by Angela Poole, Chris Korek, Darren Smith & David Talavera

“The big day is finally here..it’s Christmas Day! So now that Santas’ work is done, it’s time for him to put his feet up and relax- now all he needs are his slippers. Luckily his Elves are well prepared…”

Get your hands on the editable PowerPoint from the zip file here

5. Forest Spirit

Created by Ingrid Mengdehl

“A quiet and cold winter scene, with two little forest spirits dreaming about the comforts of Christmas.”

Get your hands on the editable PowerPoint from the zip file here

6. Seasonings

Created by Alessandro Rizzi

“Mrs Salt and Mr Pepper are enjoying their happy love life… Until Christmas, when something unexpected happens.”

Get your hands on the editable PowerPoint from the zip file here

7. Cat

Created by Amy Singh

“We all know cats are obsessed with small outdoor critters, so I decided to run with that theme for this holiday card. Featuring delightful holiday squirrels and cats to make every animal lover exclaim “Aww!”. If there were such thing as Squirrel Santa, I’m sure he would approve of this card.”

Get your hands on the editable PowerPoint from the zip file here

8. Snow Globe

Created by Elizabeth Stodolski & Luke Buckley

“We wanted to make something that was really customizable. This card allows you to add your own personal holiday message, as well as a photograph inside an active snow globe. Put in a photo of your family to send to your friends, or vice versa!”

Get your hands on the editable PowerPoint from the zip file here

9. Christmas Clock

Created by Emily Leonard

“A glass of wine, a warm fire and that magical anticipation of Christmas morning. I hope this card can deliver the festive atmosphere to an email inbox near you!”

Get your hands on the editable PowerPoint from the zip file here

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  1. Image of Charles Miller Charles Miller says:

    Looking for a PowerPoint-editable ecard for the holidays to send to about 70 clients, associates and friends.

  2. Image of Vincent Thompson Vincent Thompson says:

    Well Charles, you’ll be delighted to see we have 9 downloadable PowerPoint cards on this very page. Merry Christmas!

  3. Image of Monirah Monirah says:

    Look forward to these every year! Would you guys ever consider doing a New Year’s Eve theme video?

    1. Image of Joby Blume Joby Blume says:

      Yes, we definitely could. Maybe next year – it’s a bit late for this one. We’ve been toying with the idea of other competitions too – maybe a ‘Happy Birthday’ card one? Any other ideas or requests?

  4. Image of Ingrid Burnett Ingrid Burnett says:

    OMG I love you guys for these Christmas templates. I used some for my tiny non profit organization. Made a lot of changes to the presentation but you guys gave me an awesome template to start with. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

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