Christmas time, mistletoe and wine – in our case too much wine… After a late night of eggnog and brandy snaps we set ourselves the challenge of creating the wildest, wackiest PowerPoint Christmas card ever! What’s so good about a PowerPoint Christmas card? Well you can download it, customise it, send it to your friends and family and wow them with your PowerPoint skills!

Below you’ll find a video of each card and a link to download an editable PowerPoint file too. And, as we know, because the cards have been created in PowerPoint, you can alter them to include your name (or company name) and then share with the world, hopefully spreading a little Christmas cheer in the process.

In order to edit the cards, you can either activate our free Christmas Cards add-in from within PowerPoint or:

  • Download your favourite card by clicking the link below the video preview (any trouble downloading, check you have the latest version of your browser. Some earlier versions of IE have trouble with PowerPoint files)
  • Open the card in PowerPoint
  • Alter the text within the card
  • Save the file as a PowerPoint Show (File > Save As > Choose PowerPoint Show from the Save as type drop box)
  • Share the card with friends and family!

If you use one, please help us to spread the word with a tweet or post on LinkedIn, or comment below and let us know your favourite. Thanks!

So without further ado, here are our Christmas cards along with a few words from the creators.


1. Polar Bears

Created by Marisa Bamberg

Synchronised swimming polar bears perform their festive routine with singing, dancing and acrobatics!”

Download the editable PowerPoint file here.


2. Merry Catmas

Created by Faye Twine & Ginevra Minarini

‘Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse. Well not quite! Cat messes up Christmas, but all for a good cause!

Download the editable PowerPoint file here.


3. Santa in Space

Created by Claire Leibrick, with help from Genie and Emmie Fiddy

Join Santa Claus on a cosmic ride! Test your knowledge of planets and help Santa deliver presents and cheer across the solar system!”

Download the editable PowerPoint file here.


4. Building a Snowman

Created by Susanne Bruijnzeels

“Let’s build a snowman together in this snowy landscape – brought to you by the power of interactive animation.”

Download the editable PowerPoint file here.


5. The Christmas Cat

Created by Emily Nash

“A tale of a cheeky Christmas cat, who just wants to surprise his human with the best gift of all. Unfortunately, he creates quite a lot of chaos along the way… sometimes it’s just the thought that counts.”

Download the editable PowerPoint file here.


6. Waltzing Holiday Wishes

Created by Rachel Richards

“A simple Happy Holidays greeting that you can tailor to your recipients’ corporate colour schemes.”

Download the editable PowerPoint file here.


7. Christmas Calamity

Created by Louise Aspinall

Mischief is afoot this festive season, but who could be the cause? Watch this PowerPoint Christmas card to find out.”

Download the editable PowerPoint file here.


8. The C-Word

Created by David Easton

Possibly the most enjoyable thing about Christmas is the food. What’s not to love about roast potatoes, stuffing, and a boat load of gravy? But will someone please think of the chefs! Maybe they crave something different…”

Download the editable PowerPoint file here.

9. Beetle Christmas

Created by Nathan Halford and Phoebe Clingan

“It’s Christmas time, for one and all for everyone, big and small. Join us on a journey of perspective, full of festive wonder.”

Download the editable PowerPoint file here.


10. Happy Christmas

Created by Asya Voitenko

A short animation about seeing hope and magic in the tiniest details.”

Download the editable PowerPoint file here.


11. Too Many Presents!

Created by Francie Martinez

Treat yourself to a lie in this Christmas – Santa is going to be a while delivering all these presents!”

Download the editable PowerPoint file here.


12. MC Jinglebells

Created by Lucy Osbourne

Meet MC Jinglebells, the elf who got caught up in a hilarious mess after misreading an email. Join the laughter as he deals with a series of mix-ups and misunderstandings. It’s a funny tale that I’m sure some of us can (kind of) relate to!”

Download the editable PowerPoint file here.

13. A Bright & Merry Christmas

Created by Emily Fothergill

A traditional Christmas card featuring a bright and merry Christmas tree surrounded by snow.”

Download the editable PowerPoint file here.


14. Colour Me Christmas

Created by Jo Bamfield

“A single slide interactive card that lets you colour in your own Christmas card with an added sprinkle of animation! Easily customisable with an individual Christmas message and preferred theme colours to suit your personal or brand style.”

Download the editable PowerPoint file here.


PPT Christmas Card Divider

If that wasn’t enough festive cheer, check out all of the Christmas cards we’ve ever created below: use the quick links to jump to a specific year.

PPT Christmas Card Divider


1. Festive Windows

Created by Ingrid Mengdehl

“When the weather is cold outside, grab a seat and engage in the age-old pastime of drawing on foggy windows.”

Download the editable PowerPoint file here.

2. Brighter Holiday

Created by Rachel Currie & Katy Golder

“Two best buddies get into trouble and remind us what is so special about the festive season.”

Download the editable PowerPoint file here.

3. That’s not what eggnog is…

Created by Katie Riddell & Juliet Patrick

“Fancy a kinda absurdist and hopefully hilarious card about a mysterious eggy beverage? Lucky for you! In this card we ponder over a question with a long, slightly confusing, and incredibly well-documented history that many people think about over the festive period – what exactly is eggnog?”

Download the editable PowerPoint file here.

4. Morphing Merry Xmas

Created by Vivien Wu

“A funky fun Christmas card to help spread some festive cheer.”

Download the editable PowerPoint file here.

5. Make it Legendary

Created by Steve James

“Recognising that the Christmas we know has its roots in a mix of Pagan and Roman celebrations, and European folklore.”

Download the editable PowerPoint file here.

6. Merry the Magpie

Created by Jazz Binding

“It’s a white Christmas in this card’s world, which is bound to get people feeling festive. Despite that festive cheer, sometimes our efforts at gift giving go awry. Join Merry the Magpie as they cause some mischief for our last-minute Christmas shopper.”

Download the editable PowerPoint file here.

7. Follow the Robin

Created Nathan Halford & Rebecca Jones

“A small amount of effort to help someone can make a big difference. Spread some festive cheer as you follow the robin on a whimsical journey, helping them collect Christmas decorations along the way.”

Download the editable PowerPoint file here.

8. Nutcracker Christmas

Created by Marisa Bamberg

“Set the stage for your festive season with a nutcracker inspired performance where fairies, dancers and mice help deliver a personalised Christmas gift.”

Download the editable PowerPoint file here.

9. Snow Globe

Created by Phoebe Clingan & Emma Trantham

“In this card we pan across a festively decorated mantlepiece to a wintery snowglobe. Click on “Push me” to see the snowglobe come to life! (And you can click again when it’s finished to see the magic happen once more.)”

Download the editable PowerPoint file here.

10. Rockin’ Christmas Tree

Created by Francie Martinez

“‘Rockin’ around the Christmas Tree’ gets a whole new meaning to shake up your festive greetings.”

Download the editable PowerPoint file here.

11. Naughty Elf

Created by David Lever

“All you wanted to do was look at a lovely festive scene, but someone tricksy is getting in the way.”

Download the editable PowerPoint file here.

12. Sustainable Xmas

Created by Alessandro Rizzi

“Learn how you can have a more sustainable Christmas through these merry tips and tricks!”

Download the editable PowerPoint file here.

13. Humbug the Sheep

Created by Charlotte Judge

‘Inspired by a bad pun, this card tells the story of a sheep who realises that Christmas is all about who you spend it with.’

Download the editable PowerPoint file here.

14. A Very Capy Christmas

Created by Mark Squire & Freddie Brown

“We all know Capybaras are the best animal in existence, but now you can have a Christmasbara! What could be more festive than a marsh full of cosy creatures?”

Download the editable PowerPoint file here.

15. Mysterious Christmas

Created by Rachel Richards and Alexis Miller

“Find out the truth about the Festive Season…I want to believe”

Download the editable PowerPoint file here.

16. Punny Christmas Cracker

Created by Sam Edwards

“Great jokes, great transitions and even better PowerPoint!”

Download the editable PowerPoint file here.

17. Mean Santa

Created by Jamie Garroch

“Introducing Mean Santa. Is your last name Scrooge? Do you just love to wind your friends up with pranks? Maybe you have a teenager that appreciates toilet humour? Then this simple interactive card is right up your street and designed to put a wry smile on the face of your recipient. Go forth and spread some cheer this season!”

Download the editable PowerPoint file here.

PPT Christmas Card Divider


1. Santa Tree

Created by Amy Rodgers

“We all love Christmas for different reasons, so this card is just a little window into some of those moments that make us feel all warm and fuzzy at this time of year! Whether that’s being able to say “cheers” with old friends, dancing with loved ones, sitting by a cosy fire with a good book, or spending quality time with grandparents! Happy holidays everyone!”

Download the editable PowerPoint file here.

2. Give a Hippopotamus for Christmas

Created by David Lever & Emily Leonard

“Be in snow doubt that there’s only one gift anyone really wants for Christmas. So give a hippopotamus to all your nearest and dearest with this card! And stick around until the end for a surprise festive visitor. Who could it be? Yule have to wait and see…”

And for further reading check out “Peevey, Gayla et al. (1953). I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas. Columbia 2:38”

Download the editable PowerPoint file here.

3. Kris Kringle and The Jingles: Rock n’ Rollin’ Christmas

Created by David Talavera

“Kris Kringle and his band ‘The Jingles’ (aka Santa and his Elves) are here to Rock your socks off this Christmas. Get involved and direct the band in how they play; choose an instrument and get the crowd fired up for a festive concert to remember!”

Download the editable PowerPoint file here.

4. Prehistoric Christmas

Created by Emma Haines

“Have you ever wondered what Christmas was like in the past? Like, really, really far back in the past? Take a wintery stroll through prehistory, and see what creatures from millions of years ago were getting up to during the most wonderful time of the year. The perfect Christmas card for anyone who enjoys velociraptors (and who doesn’t?).”

Download the editable PowerPoint file here.

5. Build a Christmas Card

Created by Louise Aspinall

“Sometimes it can be hard to find exactly what you want in a Christmas card… or what you want your card to look like can change at the drop of a (Santa) hat— well worry no more, we have a tool just for that! Follow the three simple steps to build your dream Christmas card and give those festive wishes an extra personalised touch.”

Download the editable PowerPoint file here.

6. Ice Skating Christmas

Created by Marisa Bamberg

“In this festive card, ice skaters reveal a bespoke festive message in a nutcracker-themed winter scene. Happy Holidays!”

Download the editable PowerPoint file here.

7. The Band

Created by Ingrid Mengdehl

“Band members Geoffrey, Chaz, Robin and Julian practice in their local joint before the upcoming festivities. There’s room for improvement.”

Download the editable PowerPoint file here.

PPT Christmas Card Divider


1. Secret Santa

Created by Tom White

“There are many spies and covert operatives who’s names have become legend. But, in the world of festive espionage (or, ‘fespionage’) there is no agent more professional, more jolly, and more rotund than Agent K.R.I.N.G.L.E.

He moves like a bearded shadow, spreading joy and delight to everyone, even those on the ‘really naughty’ list. Before you even know he’s there – your wine is mulled, your presents wrapped, your chestnuts roasted and your turkey magically succulent. He’s in-and-out faster than a pickled sprout. He is Agent K.R.I.N.G.L.E. – The Secret Santa.”

Download the editable PowerPoint file here.

2. Embrace the Season

Created by Sandy Rushton and Jasmine James

“Despite December being billed as ‘the most wonderful time of the year’, sometimes things just don’t go to plan. We made this card to tell a story of how a little bit of imagination and a pinch of holiday cheer can turn a blustery day into a magical moment. We hope you stay warm and cosy this festive season!”

Download the editable PowerPoint file here.

3. Avo Great Christmas!

Created by Lucy Wyatt

“This year has been a tough one so let’s av’ some fun, play some games and have a smashing time! We’re moving the in the ripe direction and this game will be everything you avo wanted! Bored of the avocado puns yet?! No?! You have guac to be kidding me!”

Download the editable PowerPoint file here.

4. Llama Festivities

Created by Ingrid Mengdehl

“Sometimes, less is more. Sometimes, less is three llamas bouncing to Festive music with not care in the world. Llamazing”

Download the editable PowerPoint file here.

5. HOL 2020: A talking Christmas card

Created by Jamie Garroch and Taavi Drell

“Probably the world’s first programmable talking greeting card made in PowerPoint. Download, write your greeting, send away, and let HOL 2020 deliver your greeting. Your recipient can then change what’s spoken and send it to someone else. Recipient needs to be using Windows.”

Download the editable PowerPoint file here.

6. A Woolly Christmas

Created by Isabella Avery

“This is a simple animation made out of vector graphics with a mask overlaid to give the impression of a woolly scarf. Because why wouldn’t you want a landscape to look like a piece of knitwear? Merry Christmas!”

Download the editable PowerPoint file here.

7. Robot Santa

Created by Amy Rodgers, Roberto Padovani and Maya Shahor

“It’s been a strange old year! So we wanted to take you on a beautiful journey through wormholes and across universes with our Robot Santa. Wishing everybody a safe and happy holiday!”

Download the editable PowerPoint file here.

8. Baby Yoda’s 51st Christmas

Created by Joey Dudley, Bec Morris and Emma Drewett

“A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away,
A special born child awaits Christmas day.
But this little elf is quite like no other–
Watch as his festive plans run into bother.
As our funny green creature gets ready for fun,
What could possibly save the day when it all goes wrong?
With a sprinkle of force and a dash of cheer
(and a little green elf in an egg-pod sphere),
BrightCarbon proudly presents… Baby Yoda’s 51 Christmas!”

Download the editable PowerPoint file here.

9. A Solar Christmas Day

Created by David Lever and Louise Aspinall

“In this interactive Christmas adventure, trace your little rocket’s journey through the solar system, spreading joy as it goes. Discover how different planets celebrate the holidays and experience your own festive surprise back on earth. It’s all accompanied by a narrated poem, because everyone loves a rhyme, especially at Christmas time.”

Download the editable PowerPoint file here.

10. From me to Yule!

Created by Steve James

“Let’s keep things short and snappy with childhood TV legends and the joy of a simple catchphrase.”

Download the editable PowerPoint file here.

11. Monster Christmas

Created by Mahdis Nikou

“Couldn’t dress to impress this Christmas because of the lockdown rules? Think we have a solution for you. Why don’t you dress up a Christmas Creature instead for some virtual festive fun?”

Download the editable PowerPoint file here.


PPT Christmas Card Divider


1. The Good, the Bad, and the Festive

Created by Thomas Paterson and Linden Hogarth

“There’s no shortage of Western sub-genres. Think Epic western, Space western, Spaghetti western. But here at BrightCarbon we noticed a conspicuous lack of festive westerns. What do cowboys get up to at Christmas, I hear you ask. Well now you can find out in this ground-breaking, genre-bending production, a thrilling tale of vengeance and redemption, presented to you in glorious technicolor.”

Download the editable PowerPoint file here.

2. Deck the halls

Created by Sandy Rushton

“Like a pack of discount Christmas crackers, this year’s card is stuffed full of bad puns and holiday cheer. Delight your friends and family with a fun interactive PowerPoint card that takes festive wordplay far too seriously!”

Download the editable PowerPoint file here.

3. Christmas Icon Quiz

Created by Rachael Hattam and Olivia Kippax Jones

“We’re fervent fans of the Buzzfeed quiz, and wanted to empower PowerPoint users far and wide to “find themselves” using this Christmas-themed questionnaire. We built out the quiz using the PowerPoint hyperlinking function and our own incredible wit! Click through in Show mode to discover which iconic Christmas character you are.”

Download the editable PowerPoint file here.

4. Peaceful Christmas

Created by Emma Trantham

“When I was still a child, Christmas was a wonderful, magical time. Now I’m grown with a family of my own I realise how much effort my parents had to put in to make it so! So this card is for everyone who finds this time of year utterly exhausting! Happily the superpowers of morph and BrightSlide helped me create this card quickly and efficiently (and, barring the music, entirely in PPT). Now I can get back on with all the other things I need to do before Christmas…”

Download the editable PowerPoint file here.

5. Starry night

Created by Ingrid Mengdehl

“Embark on a peaceful atmospheric space ride, as we follow a little satellite flying home for Christmas.”

Download the editable PowerPoint file here.

6. Home for Christmas

Created by Gemma Leamy

“An elaborate journey home on Christmas eve, inspired by trains being cancelled on multiple occasions whilst trying to get to the office this winter! With a little Christmas magic and the help of various modes of transport the man eventually gets back home to his family just in time.”

Download the editable PowerPoint file here.

7. Have yourself a compliant little Christmas

Created by Hannah Harper

“I’ve been doing a lot of voiceover recently, and I was inspired by some of my outtakes to introduce you to a voiceover artist who has Christmas on the brain whilst doing some recording. Not based on true events. (At least not yet!) The perfect compliance spoof for your colleagues!”

Download the editable PowerPoint file here.

8. Spot the penguin

Created by Amy-Louise Hancock

“I wanted to create a Christmas Card that reflects the magical festive feelings of a Winter Wonderland, along with some fun of ‘Spot the Penguin’. I hope you enjoy the card, Merry Christmas everyone!”

Download the editable PowerPoint file here.

9. A walk through winter wonderland

Created by Grace Shephard

“Short but sweet. A simple layered Christmas card featuring Pantone’s colour of the year – Classic Blue. There is also a cat in there, of course.”

powerpoint christmas card


1. A Christmas Poem

Created by Bethany Drummond

“I found this cute little poem online and thought it would be perfect to illustrate and bring to life. It’s a lovely little reflection of Christmas morning and the anticipation of the big day amongst families in their homes.”

Download the editable PowerPoint file here

2. Stuffed

Created by Ingrid Mengdehl

“Every year, in the run up to Christmas, at least one species faces mass extinction. It’s been a tradition, but this year, they’re fighting back. Not with weapons, and not by running away, but with the one tried and true method for saving your own life: a presentation of pros and cons. (To enjoy the full experience, remember to turn your sound on!)”

Download the editable PowerPoint file here

3. Searching

Created by Kate Allen & Sandy Rushton

“We had the idea to use just one single object and the mighty power of PowerPoint animation to tell a festive story. Even though the design is very minimal, we were able to bring this heart-warming narrative to life using motion and music! We hope this card brings a happy glow to your holiday season.”

Download the editable PowerPoint file here

4. Advent Calendar

Created by Richard Goring

“Celebrate the festive season with your very own PowerPoint advent calendar, with a treat behind every door – it’s something to look forward to each day before the big one arrives!”

Download the editable PowerPoint file here

5. Yay or Nay Meter

Created by Hannah Brownlow

“It’s the most wonderful time of the year, but let’s be honest, making all those decisions can be tricky. Not anymore! Use the BrightCarbonTM interactive Yay-or-Naymeter to let your loved ones know exactly how you’re feeling.”

Download the editable PowerPoint file here

6. Snow Penguin Competition

Created by Amy Post, Elly Hughes & Lucy Wyatt

“Our story begins at the annual Best Snow Penguin competition. Poor Louis the Penguin doesn’t have any extra winter clothes to decorate his snow penguin, or any friends willing to lend him some. But, with the help of social media, he still might be able to win the competition!”

Download the editable PowerPoint file here

7. Deck the Halls

Created by Samuel Edwards

“At this time of year everyone enjoys a good old fashion Christmas singalong, although sometimes it can be pretty tricky remembering all of the words!”

Download the editable PowerPoint file here

8. Baking Christmas

Created by Kelly Ann Atkins

“I wanted to try and create that warm fuzzy feeling that goes hand in hand with Christmas. My go to approach, food! Sharing food brings everyone together and is at the heart of our family festivities. Also, that first mince pie is like the green light for fun to begin.”

Download the editable PowerPoint file here


1. Fatal Frost 2.0

Created by Sandy Rushton & Anna Barger

“We are both fans of classic retro game design, so created a novelty Christmas arcade caper for our card. Fatal Frost 2.0 was a labour of love – building each element, square by square, took a lot of patience – but we hope you enjoy the festive 8-bit fun!”

Download the editable PowerPoint file here

2. Canine Christmas

Created by Amy Post & Ingrid Mengdehl

“Our card is inspired by the lives of our canine companions. As all of us people know, the holiday season is a time for good food, memories with family and friends, and giving back to others. But what do our furry friends think about during the festivities? New toys? A new bed? Or, is it something else…?”

Download the editable PowerPoint file here

3. Buddy’s Christmas Wish

Created by Bethany Drummond & Keri Buckland

“The holiday season is a special time when people come together and spend time as a family. This gave us the idea of creating an animated Christmas card to entertain the whole family. This card is based on the concept of an illustrated children’s book and is inspired by Bethany’s new puppy, Oscar. We hope you enjoy watching Buddy’s Christmas Wish. Merry Christmas, everyone!”

Download the editable PowerPoint file here

4. Naughty or Nice Christmas

Created by Vincent Thompson

“Not sure if you’ve been naughty or nice this year? This interactive card featuring sliding tabs and spinning wheels will allow the viewer to select either way, and give an indication of the type of presents to expect depending on their choice.”

Download the editable PowerPoint file here

5. Snowkemon Go!

Created by Kate Allen & Hannah Brownlow

“The Snowmon wants to join his friends at the ice bar for a Christmas party, but he needs a bit of help getting there. Use your best gaming skills to get The Snowmon to the party in time. Featuring three interactive games made exclusively in PowerPoint.”

Download the editable PowerPoint file here

6. Choose Your Own Christmas

Created by Thomas White

“This year I decided to create a heart-warming Christmas card in the vein of those old ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ books I was too dim to read as a child. Here’s the twist, instead of adventure you’ll have to choose between eating too many chocolates or drinking yourself into a Christmas Day stupor … Also, There’s a reindeer in it!”

Download the editable PowerPoint file here

7. Extra-terrestrial Christmas

Created by Alessandro Rizzi & Natty Moore

“We wanted to spare a thought this year for our extra-terrestrial friends who celebrate Christmas too, and also for Santa, whose inter-galactic space travel on Christmas Eve is lesser known and extremely under-appreciated.”

Download the editable PowerPoint file here

 8. Lonely Christmas

Created by Annabelle Grew & Viktoria Sokolova

“As it’s so easy to get carried away with our busy lives we wanted to focus on the aspect of the festive season that we think is the most important, making an effort to spend quality time with our loved ones. Nobody should be alone at Christmas.”

Download the editable PowerPoint file here

9. Festive Nuts

Created by Andy Clarke & Mahdis Nikou

“A cold Christmas Eve for two squirrels shows that Father Christmas isn’t always a large jolly man in a red suit.”

Download the editable PowerPoint file here

 10. Clippy Christmas

Created by Rachael Hattam & Lucy Wyatt

“What is Christmas without a bit of nostalgia? We decided to bring back Microsoft’s Clippy (c. 1999) to wreak some festive havoc.”

Download the editable PowerPoint file here

11. Silent Night, Jedi Knight

Created by Elizabeth Stodolski & Samuel Edwards

“This holiday season is made a little extra special by the 8th installment of a certain legendary film series. From young padawans to Jedi Knights this is the perfect card to share with anyone who needs a reminder that the force is always with them. Happy holidays from Sam and Lizzie at BrightCarbon, we hope you enjoy our card!”

Download the editable PowerPoint file here

12. Rudolph’s 8-bit Journey

Created by Angela Poole, David Talavera & Darren Smith

“The holidays are a time for family, fun, and reminiscing about the “good old days”. When we think back to holidays past, one thing that comes to mind is the childhood excitement of opening gifts. Many of us wished for the newest ‘cutting edge’ 8-bit video games that we would play without a care in the world except saving the princess.  We wanted to bring back that feeling with a little nostalgia for you this holiday season.  Help Ruldoph find Santa and save Christmas.”

Download the editable PowerPoint file here

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1. Christmas Cheer

Created by Anna Smith & Bethany Mellor

“This year we wanted to create something simple and fun – that we can all relate to in one way or another! The nice transitions in PPT helped keep it simple, while adding some basic sound effects helped the little animation come to life!”

Download the editable PowerPoint file here

2. Winter Gift Giver

Created by Emma Trantham & Miriam Martinez

“For this year’s card we wanted to recognise that not everyone shares the dressed-in-red Father Christmas tradition and so we got all the “Winter gift givers” together. And what else would they be doing but watching and listening to a PowerPoint presentation at their annual conference?!”

Download the editable PowerPoint file here

3. Penguin Song

Created by Hannah Brownlow, Kate Allen, Sandy Rushton & Shay O’Donnell

“The Christmas classics are already ringing out in supermarkets the world over, so we thought we’d take a musical approach to this year’s holiday card. Finding a tuneful penguin noise proved…challenging – and we may have stumbled into whoopee cushion territory – but we hope you enjoy creating your own avian Christmas number 1!”

Download the editable PowerPoint file here

4. Santa’s Call for Action

Created by Angela Poole, Chris Korek, Darren Smith & David Talavera

“The big day is finally’s Christmas Day! So now that Santas’ work is done, it’s time for him to put his feet up and relax- now all he needs are his slippers. Luckily his Elves are well prepared…”

Download the editable PowerPoint file here

5. Forest Spirit

Created by Ingrid Mengdehl

“A quiet and cold winter scene, with two little forest spirits dreaming about the comforts of Christmas.”

Download the editable PowerPoint file here

6. Seasonings

Created by Alessandro Rizzi

“Mrs Salt and Mr Pepper are enjoying their happy love life… Until Christmas, when something unexpected happens.”

Download the editable PowerPoint file here

7. Cat

Created by Amy Singh

“We all know cats are obsessed with small outdoor critters, so I decided to run with that theme for this holiday card. Featuring delightful holiday squirrels and cats to make every animal lover exclaim “Aww!”. If there were such thing as Squirrel Santa, I’m sure he would approve of this card.”

Download the editable PowerPoint file here

8. Snow Globe

Created by Elizabeth Stodolski & Luke Buckley

“We wanted to make something that was really customizable. This card allows you to add your own personal holiday message, as well as a photograph inside an active snow globe. Put in a photo of your family to send to your friends, or vice versa!”

Download the editable PowerPoint file here

9. Christmas Clock

Created by Emily Leonard

“A glass of wine, a warm fire and that magical anticipation of Christmas morning. I hope this card can deliver the festive atmosphere to an email inbox near you!”

Download the editable PowerPoint file here

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PPT Christmas Card Divider


1. Bakery Christmas Card

Created by Sandy Rushton and Bethany Mellor

“A cosy warm kitchen full of treats is the best escape from a chilly winter evening. We thought that baking ginger bread people would be a fun concept for our card, evocative of family, friends and festivity.”

Download the editable PowerPoint file here

2. Robin Christmas Card

Created by Hannah Brownlow and Shay O’Donnell

“We went for something traditionally Christmassy – a red robin! We wanted to combine painted illustrations with some cool tricks in PowerPoint to look like our little robin is created out of ink splats. There’s also some fun layering going on here so that the message is fully editable without behind the snow drift.”

Download the editable PowerPoint file here

3. Santa 2 – Clause & Effect

Created by Tom White

“Right, so the thing is – I didn’t have time to put together a festive PowerPoint card this year but I felt I had to submit something so I rummaged around in the garage and found a box of old Christmas VHS tapes from the 80s. Among them I found this festive action classic which I’ve uploaded in lieu of actual effort… The 80s were awful, weren’t they?”

Download the editable PowerPoint file here

4. Santa Got Stuck

Created by Mikila Green and Ingrid Mengdehl

“This Christmas card introduces the troubles and woes Santa encounters each year when attempting to get down the chimney. But every Christmas story should have a happy ending…”

Download the editable PowerPoint file here

5. 8 Nights of Puns

Created by Elizabeth Stodolski, Amy Singh and David Talavera

“The company rarely makes Hanukkah cards so we wanted to make one. Our card features an interactive menorah which invites users to “light” each candle, in exchange for a holiday-themed pun. We hope everyone enjoys it! Happy Holidays!”

Download the editable PowerPoint file here

6. Blue Screen of Christmas

Created by Taavi Drell

“A festive take on the Blue Screen of Death. Suitable for your overworked friend or colleague. Even the computer knows it’s time to go home.”

Download the editable PowerPoint file here

7. Christmas 2125

Created by Luke Buckley

“I’m a little fed up of all that traditional Christmassy stuff so here’s something a little different, my vision of what Christmas will be like in the future.”

Download the editable PowerPoint file here

8. Snowboarding

Created by Angela Poole

“Growing up in New England, I spent most of the holiday season on the ski mountain. For this card, I wanted to mesh my love of skiing and snowboarding with a whimsical cartoon-style illustration for a fun and lighthearted message. Watch as Santa dominates the slopes and wins first place in this year’s holiday freestyle competition!”

Download the editable PowerPoint file here

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1. Build a Snowman

Created by Chris Korek

“For my Christmas Card this year I wanted to experiment with some of the ways PowerPoint lets you makes presentations interactive. In particular I’ve been exploring the trigger function to sequence animations in a non-linear order so that the viewer can play with it and become active in how the story plays out. When I came up with the idea of an Elf asking you to decide which snow to use when making a snowman I thought it was a perfect fit as something fun and cheerful for Christmas.”

Download the editable PowerPoint file here

2. Snowman’s Adventure

Created by Kieran Chadha

“My PowerPoint snowman has made a guest appearance on each of my Christmas Cards – so here he is again on a new adventure. Everything you see has been made from PowerPoint shapes – they’re just shaded differently, and formatted to achieve the right effect. I thought it would be interesting to see just how varied you can make things look. Plus, I figured out how to make a snowman blink.”

Download the editable PowerPoint file here

3. Monster Christmas

Created by Amy Singh

“My Christmas card was inspired by the monster movie genre. What would happen if a ferocious fire-breathing dragon decided that he wanted to spread Christmas joy instead of burning cities to the ground? Or, what if he realized he could do both simultaneously? Well, look no further if you want the answer to these questions and more!”

Get your hands on the editable PowerPoint from the zip file here

4. Festive Castle

Created by Richard Goring

“Welcome to the Festive Castle, full of the joys of the holidays. Outside uses triggers to create a bit of an interactive environment for you to click through and make things happen, while clicking inside reveals a sequence of photos down a hallway that you can customise and add some holiday messages. 1604 animations on the first slide, by the way!”

Download the editable PowerPoint file here

5. Christmas Tree

Created by Anna Smith

“My card was inspired by all the photos I saw popping up all over my various social media feeds of the people heading up to the mountains and finding a Christmas tree. The animations are fairly simple and give the impression of movement with very little complexity!”

Download the editable PowerPoint file here

6. Christmas Dates

Created by Vincent Thompson

“My card was inspired by a friend’s recent foray into online dating and their experiences so far!”

Download the editable PowerPoint file here

7. Christmas Lights

Created by Elizabeth Stodolski

“I was inspired by the drive through the holiday light spectacular in Jones Beach, NY, so gave it a shot in PowerPoint.”

Download the editable PowerPoint file here

8. Silent Night

Created by Hannah Brownlow

“I thought I’d go for a traditional Christmas card and hark back to where it all started. I tried to create the idea that the viewer is flying through space with the stars and then finally settles in front of a stable scene. I wanted it all to look simple with just a few complementary bars of Silent Night as an accompaniment.”

Download the editable PowerPoint file here

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1. Santa’s sleigh

Created by Chris ‘Kringle’ Korek

“I made this card because the thought of Santa putting on goggles before taking off amused me. I used the block colour and cartoon like style for its simplicity and because you can create all of the parts in PowerPoint which gives you a lot of control over the objects and that is really helpful when it comes to animating them together.”

Download the editable PowerPoint file here

2. Naughty Snowman

Created by Ellen ‘Wrapping Paper’ Creaser

“Like many people I love doodling and sketching, so this card’s design was inspired by such activity. My little scribblings turned into a sort of story that I copied into and played out in PowerPoint. The card is my take on what happens when snowmen come to life (as they obviously do), with some classic old movie references. I like to think of it as a tongue-in-cheek mini version of Dianne Jackson’s The Snowman, complete with epic soundtrack and few unexpected plot lines!”

Download the editable PowerPoint file here

3. Little Birdy

Created by Ingrid ‘Merry’ Mengdehl

“For my Christmas card, I wanted to re-create the feeling of excitement when you open a pop-up card and find different elements you can animate. I’d found a bundle of snowflake designs, and the idea to create a DIY snow machine came shortly afterwards. I created all the elements in PowerPoint, so it’s easy to change the colours if you want!”

Download the editable PowerPoint file here

4. Meowy Christmas card

Created by John ‘Bauble’ Bevan

“This retro, chocolate-box style card was created to make you feel as warm and fuzzy as the adorable kittens that star in it. Also featuring flurries of snow, gently flickering candlelight and music to warm your cockles, with a customisable label for your own message.”

Download the editable PowerPoint file here

5. Lonely Tree

Created by Kieran ‘Christmas Cracker’ Chadha

“I used a parallax effect and blurring to tell my story of the lonely Christmas tree. Each element of the background moves at a different speed and in a slightly different direction to create the illusion of relative movement. It then blurs to draw attention to the foreground, where fireflies and strategic gusts of wind help the tree fulfil its festive destiny.”

Download the editable PowerPoint file here

6. Fairy Christmas Tree

Created by Richard ‘We Three Kings’ Goring

“After last year’s Penguin Skaters card with 1000+ animations, I felt like I had to go for more, so this monster has 3109 individual animation events on it. I wanted something with a bit more realism than last year, so I’ve used a photo in the background, but everything else has been created and animated entirely in PowerPoint. I hope that you like it!”

There’s two versions in the download. One version with all the animations, and one which is a little simpler for older machines.

Download the editable PowerPoint file here

7. BrightCarbon Team Christmas card

Created by Vincent ‘Deck The Halls’ Thompson

“My Christmas card was inspired by the team at BrightCarbon. I was trying to think of a way to bring a bit of Christmas to some recently taken pics of us, both as a team and individuals.

I thought the card would allow for other businesses to just replace with their own pics, then easily move around the objects to fit. Enjoy turning your CEO into an elf this Christmas!”

Download the editable PowerPoint file here

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1. Snowman

Created by Kieran ‘We’re walking in the air’ Chadha

“I wanted to create a happy little snow scene, then give it a twist. I was aiming for the animations to get across the snowman’s cheeky personality. Enjoy!”

Download the editable PowerPoint file here

2. Gifts for Christmas

Created by Vincent ‘Turkey’ Thompson

“I decided to create a PowerPoint card that started off quite plain, then animating into a crescendo of Christmas themed objects. Although some of the elements I used were not created natively within PowerPoint, I felt that the ability to crop out images and apply motion graphics enhanced the overall effect and showed off the capabilities of the software in a compelling way.”

Download the editable PowerPoint file here

3. Santa Sleigh

Created by Chris ‘Kringle’ Korek

“For this card I really wanted to create someone opening a Christmas present, to see if  I could do it in PowerPoint. From there it just seemed natural to have Santa deliver it!”

Download the editable PowerPoint file here

4. Penguin Skaters

Created by Richard ‘Insert Christmas Pun Here’ Goring

“I wanted to start with a blank PowerPoint page and not do anything that I couldn’t achieve within just PowerPoint. Everything has been created using native PowerPoint tools, including all graphics and the 1,006 individual animations. Unfortunately, I cheated just at the end to add in an image of the BrightCarbon logo and the music, but hope that you’ll forgive me.”

Download the editable PowerPoint file here

5. Blue Christmas

Created by Jakob ‘Yuletide’ Jochmann

“Tasked with creating Christmas cards in PowerPoint I took the challenge quite literally and tried to merge a motif that would work in cardboard form with the affordances of digital media. I stretched the motif over two slides to mirror a folding card. I created a transparent gif of falling snow to imbue the scene with a dynamic touch that is absent in print. The subtle tension between the static scene and the falling snow gives the card a sense of progress that lingers on even after the native PowerPoint animations are finished.”

Download the editable PowerPoint file here (Blue Christmas version)

Download the editable PowerPoint file here (Happy Holidays version)

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  1. Image of Ron Ron says:

    Nice work. Thanks

    A couple of points.

    I tried to customize the 2016 Cat one. I can edit the text for the final name display, but I have not been able to figure out how to edit the text in the initial drop down. So I first see the dummy text drop down, then my custom text pops up over it. I couldn’t any way to bring those items to front or all of the other stuff to back to surface them. Could you add notes to the file to explain how to do the text customization?

    The very last link appears to be intended to be a mass download. It is only an unzipped version of the last card. So if it isn’t supposed to be, could you add a zip file with all of the cards in it? AND put that link at the top of the article. I want to download all/most of them to dig in to see how they did things, to learn from them. Downloading 49 files is a PITA.

    Finally, for the links to the individual files, please consider not bothering to zip only one file. The “x”-file format is already zipped. Zipping it again leads to trivial savings. The one I looked at specifically only saved 6% space. Not worth the bother of having to open the zip before being able to open the file.

    Merry Xmas.
    Ron MVP

    • Image of says:

      Hi Ron! Glad you like our cards, we’ve built up quite a library over the last few years and we’re happy people are still inspired by and learning from them.

      On the 2016 Cat card, the animated name display was on the slide master. If you go to the Slide Master view you can update the names there as well as on the slide itself and this will solve your issue. I’ve also uploaded a new version where the names are on the slide itself and this includes some instructions as well.

      With the .zip files, we’d initially adopted this approach to solve some issues that IE9 users had with downloading .pptx files. But we see how this is a bit irritating, so have reuploaded all the links as .pptx files. Hope that helps you access these cards even more speedily than usual!



  2. Image of Mary Azad Mary Azad says:

    That is wonderful

  3. Image of Juliana Carvalho Juliana Carvalho says:

    The “Buddy’s Christmas Wish” and the “Snow Penguin Competition” are my favorites!
    Great work! and many thanks for sharing! 🙂

  4. Image of Melanie Leitch Melanie Leitch says:

    There is something for all tastes! They’re great thank you!
    I downloaded:
    Rube Goldberg Machine, Penguin Song and Yay or Nay.
    Have a wonderful and sparkling Christmas and new year.

  5. Image of Crystal Crystal says:

    Excellent work, your team amazes me with their talent! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you all. Is there a way to convert to video? I tried, but I get a can’t convert to video using your ppt’s but I can with other ppt files I have created. The presentations only work as a PowerPoint show.

    • Image of Hannah Harper Hannah Harper says:

      Hi Crystal, glad you like our cards! You should be able to go into the File menu and the select ‘Export’ and then choose ‘Create a Video’. If that doesn’t work, can you tell me which file you’re trying to download and which version of PowerPoint you’re running.

  6. Image of Calum Calum says:

    Season greeting to you all. What font was used in A Christmas Poem.

  7. Image of JJMcNabb JJMcNabb says:

    Very nice for those who celebrate Christmas. I tried to customize to remove the religious references. Would love more “holiday” or winter themes for business use or just to be more inclusive.

  8. Image of Patricia Patricia says:

    I absolutely adore the Penguin card.

    PowerPoint is awesome, I truly appreciate all the time you put into creating these editable resources.

    Merry Christmas! Thank you!

    Shout out to P-Spice for sharing this with me.

  9. Image of LAHCEN LAHCEN says:

    Bravo! c’est très gentille, c’est très beau , merci mille fois pour le partage !

  10. Image of Effrossini Kountiou Effrossini Kountiou says:

    Very nice, creative, outstanding work! Congrats! Thank you for sharing the editable format!
    Merry Christmas and a Happy, Prosperous New Year!

  11. Image of Diana Rogers Diana Rogers says:

    Love these! I actually make my own PowerPoint Christmas cards, but I was struggling with animated snow. I found your website and used the “snow” from the Blue Christmas card and it works beautifully on mine. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and talents!

  12. Image of Branding By8 Branding By8 says:

    Nice to watch this. Great creativity has shown here in above videos.

  13. Image of Christian Christian says:

    Muchas gracias por compartir sus power point animados diganme por favor si los puedo usar en mi website con su permiso cambiándoles alguas cosas como el nombre.Muchas gracias por su amable respuesta.

    • Image of Joby Blume Joby Blume says:

      Hi Christian

      You can use our cards to create your own PowerPoint Christmas card, and you are welcome to turn that into video for your own website. Please don’t make the cards available to download in PowerPoint format as if you were making them available for your own visitors.

  14. Image of Diane Diane says:

    Thank you so much for sharing these!


    They are all great. Thank you very much for sharing.

  16. Image of Ken Ken says:

    Thanks to Hannah Brownlow for Silent Night. It is wonderful to see cards that actually celebrate the reason for Christmas.

  17. Image of Tina Tina says:

    Receiving an email from Bright Carbon with this year’s release of creative, editable holiday cards is among my favorite things during the holiday season. Brilliant! Thank you, happy holidays + stay well!

  18. Image of LeaAnn Hilboldt LeaAnn Hilboldt says:

    You guys are the best at what you do. I wish I had one tenth of your creativity. I love watching your sessions when I can. Your Christmas Cards are the best. I hope you have a great and healthy Christmas as well.

  19. Image of Eva Eva says:

    Thank you for these fun and fancy Christmas “cards”! Loved the little start searching for company… <3

  20. Image of Damian Emery Damian Emery says:

    Thank you for sharing, your team has talent for sure.
    Love the webinars and always manage to learn something new.

  21. Image of Estrella Estrella says:

    Thank you! and have a blessed Christmas all of you.
    Happy Holidays you all.

  22. Image of GERVASE8194 GERVASE8194 says:

    Thank you!!1

  23. Image of Phyllis Phyllis says:

    Do these have to be sent to someone with powerpoint of saved in a different format?Thanks

  24. Image of Carol Francesconi Carol Francesconi says:

    Just learned about these! They are AMAZING! I do have a question though… the sound “can’t play” when i download them… any ideas?

  25. Image of Michael Cokkinos Michael Cokkinos says:

    Thank you and Happy Holidays to Everyone!

    It would be great to have a demo on how the cards were created

  26. Image of Maria Vega Maria Vega says:

    Thank you so much for the wonderful gift of the PowerPoint Christmas Cards–You all inspire and share joy and humor with so many people every year through this!

  27. Image of Olaf Overlander Olaf Overlander says:

    Lovely! Thanx so much – every years christmas surprises! Happy holidays and a good and successful year 2023!

  28. Image of Wien Dai Wien Dai says:

    Awesome designs! Thank you all of you and wish you have a happy holiday season!

  29. Image of Susan Susan says:

    These are wonderful. Thank you for bringing so much joy to the world. Happy Holidays

  30. Image of Doug S. Doug S. says:

    Your company is an amazing resource and I love these cards.
    I downloaded the A-Bright-Merry-Christmas-Card, but there is no sound when I play it.
    I saved it as a PowerPoint Show and it still would not play.

    • Image of Joby Blume Joby Blume says:

      Hi Doug – thanks for letting us know. Our Elves told Emily and she uploaded a sparkly new version with the correct sound file included.

  31. Image of James Woo James Woo says:

    Thank you to BrightCarbon for another wonderful year filled with learning and resources for the T+L community. To Richard Goring and the many staff who contribute so generously to the webinars and presentations, BrightCarbon exemplifies the spirit and gold standard for corporate stewardship and engagement with the world at large. Wishing you all a festive holiday season and the very best in the New Year. P.S. the 2024 Christmas cards are fantastic once again!

  32. Image of Mel Mel says:

    What an amazing collection I can’t believe this is the first time I’m seeing this. Finally a fellow lover of all things PowerPoint. So nice of you to share all this!

    • Image of Olivia Kippax Jones Olivia Kippax Jones says:

      Thanks Mel! It’s a bit of a highlight of the year for us to get to play around in PowerPoint and be as creative as we like. Come back next year for more!

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