Oct 2021
29th Apr 2021

Review: NXPowerLite

    NXPowerLite is the latest incarnation of a nifty Office compression solution which helps to reduce file sizes in a multitude of ways. Whether you pin it to your taskbar or choose to compress directly within Microsoft products such as PowerPoint, Word, Excel or Outlook, NXPowerLite makes compression so easy!

    Oct 2021
    30th Nov 2020

    Review: Power-user

      Power-user is a PowerPoint add on that provides lots of little features every regular PowerPoint user has had day dreams about. I’m going to take you through a few of the features that I’ve found most helpful, and some that will be more helpful to those who haven’t been able to devote as much time to getting well versed in PowerPoint. Let's begin!

      Oct 2021

        One of the most common mistakes, we see when it comes to accessibility in presentations is poor color contrast. When there isn’t enough contrast between the colors on your slides, your presentation becomes less accessible to a whole range of people. Luckily, while this is a common error, with BrightSlide's new color contrast checker, it's also a very simple thing to fix.

        Oct 2021
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        If you've ever run or written a macro for PowerPoint, Excel or Word on a Windows PC you'll probably be familiar with the Developer tab. Move over to the Mac and you'll be able to turn on the Mac Developer tab for both Excel and Word but it simply doesn't exist for PowerPoint. Until now!

        Oct 2021
        • Comments: 14

        One of the things we recommend PowerPoint users do is create a quick acccess toolbar. It's a easy way to get to some of the hidden functionality in PowerPoint. But when do you find the time to create one? What tools should you add to it? Here at BrightCarbon we've created a PowerPoint toolbar to help.

        Oct 2021
        12th Aug 2020

        Review: Adobe Spark

          Adobe Spark is an online and mobile design app developed to help people with no design expertise create social graphics, web pages, and short videos with impact. We decided to check it out.

          Oct 2021

            Those of us who are seasoned presentation creators can easily be tempted to dismiss Prezi as a one trick pony, great for the novelty value but not for much else. Well, here at BrightCarbon we like a challenge, so we set about exploring what Prezi can really do.

            Oct 2021
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            If you use PowerPoint a lot, chances are you’ll have seen your fair share of glitches and malfunctions. And nothing is so frustrating as losing work or precious time to PowerPoint crashes! So, after doing some of my own extensive research, here are the most common reasons why PowerPoint crashes and what you can do about it.

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