Writing presentations

Better sales presentations

Now is the time to improve your company's sales presentations. Don't wait, do it now! We've a set of six short videos that will share some great tips and tricks to help you develop sales presentations that work.

Templates and freebies

Awesome presentation toolkit

An awesome presentation toolkit, free to download, with contains PowerPoint visuals, iconography, slide templates, and other graphics to kick-start your next presentation.

PowerPoint tips and tricks

Mind blowing PowerPoint!

We've all seen PowerPoint, we all know what to expect, right? Boring bullet points, uninspiring design, and terrible animation effects. Well prepare to have your mind blown! PowerPoint in the right hands can be a powerful tool; find out how to start creating your own mind blowing PowerPoint presentations.

PowerPoint tips and tricks

Awesome PowerPoint tricks

We recently ran a training seminar showing off some of the awesome tricks that can be achieved in PowerPoint. If you weren't able to attend the show, but want to be more awesome in PowerPoint, you are in luck! We have put together a set of videos sharing our favourite tricks from the session.

Presentation skills

Presentations for introverts

Are you an introvert? Do you sometimes find it tiring being around people? We share practical tips for introverts to harness their strengths and overcome the challenges they face when presenting. This free video is about far more than just overcoming nerves.

Templates and freebies

Video embedding tool for PowerPoint

If you don't have the correct codec videos simply won't run in PowerPoint. To help with this tricky problem we've created a small tool in the form of a PowerPoint presentation to help figure out which codecs the host computer has, and thus which video types it can run.

PowerPoint tips and tricks

9 awesome PowerPoint tips!

Do you wish you could use PowerPoint like a professional? Want to be faster, smarter, and slicker with the presentation tool some people love-to-hate? Then we've the very thing and it's awesome! Sign up for our Awesome PPT tips now!

PowerPoint tips and tricks

10 more awesome PowerPoint tips!

We've racked our brains and come up with ten more awesome PowerPoint tips! If you want to take your PowerPoint skills to the next level, then look no further.

Templates and freebies

Quick access PowerPoint toolbar

One of the things we recommend PowerPoint users do is create a quick acccess toolbar. It's a easy way to get to some of the hidden functionality in PowerPoint. But when do you find the time to create one? What tools should you add to it? Here at BrightCarbon we've created a PowerPoint toolbar to help.

Presentation skills

Presenting online

Presenting face-to-face and presenting online are really different. This video presentation tells you how to present online at webinars, online meetings, and for online sales presentations. This resource covers how long to present for, how to prepare and rehearse, how to maintain audience engagement, making use of technology, and how to run online sales presentations.

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