Templates and freebies

Christmas quiz template

It's Quiz-mas! Download our free Christmas quiz PowerPoint template for festive fun and fiendishly difficult quiz questions!

Presentation skills

Presenting online

Presenting face-to-face and presenting online are really different. This video presentation tells you how to present online at webinars, online meetings, and for online sales presentations. This resource covers how long to present for, how to prepare and rehearse, how to maintain audience engagement, making use of technology, and how to run online sales presentations.

Templates and freebies


Created for PC users by PowerPoint experts the BrightSlide add-in will help you create, polish, and edit presentations at speed. It draws on industry-standard shortcuts to boost your workflow and provides amazing, extra functionality PowerPoint users have only dreamed of. And it’s all yours, for free!…

Templates and freebies

Color Tool for PowerPoint

Often, when working in PowerPoint it can be really hard to quickly check what theme colors are programmed into the PowerPoint presentation you're using - especially if they use different templates. It can also be tricky to have your custom colors easily accessible. Download our PowerPoint color tool and paste into your presentations to check your theme colours and pre-fill your custom colors.

Templates and freebies

Editable PowerPoint maps

A globe-trotting collection of editable PowerPoint maps, featuring a PowerPoint world map, PowerPoint country map, and PowerPoint US state map, which you can use to take your audience on an incredible journey

Training and learning

Better training presentations

What’s wrong with your current training presentation? What’s the main focus of your training? Sometimes it’s easy to lose sight of the end goal when it comes to developing training material. Sign up to receive our 6 video tutorials on how to transform your training material into engaging, compelling content that learners…

Training and learning

Amazing Storyline

We recently ran a training seminar showing off some of the awesome tricks that can be achieved in Storyline. If you weren't able to attend the show, but want to create amazing eLearning interactions, you are in luck! We have put together a set of videos sharing all the best tricks from the session.

Writing presentations

Better sales presentations

Now is the time to improve your company's sales presentations. Don't wait, do it now! We've a set of six short videos that will share some great tips and tricks to help you develop sales presentations that work.

Templates and freebies

Awesome presentation toolkit

An awesome presentation toolkit, free to download, which contains PowerPoint visuals, iconography, slide templates, and other graphics to kick-start your next presentation.

PowerPoint tips and tricks

Mind blowing PowerPoint!

We've all seen PowerPoint, we all know what to expect, right? Boring bullet points, uninspiring design, and terrible animation effects. Well prepare to have your mind blown! PowerPoint in the right hands can be a powerful tool; find out how to start creating your own mind blowing PowerPoint presentations.

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