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Karl Parry

Operations manager

Describe what you do at BrightCarbon

A little bit of everything, from writing a blog post to organising our many events. I’m that friend of yours who still doesn’t know what they want to be when they grow up.




1 cat, Zissou.


Cola mixed with lemonade.


1 degree.

3 words that describe me

Ready, steady, beard.

Couldn't do my job without

My Stormtrooper helmet.

Hidden skill

An unexpectedly loud handclap.

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Recent articles by Karl Parry

Jan 2018

Microsoft have released PowerPoint for iPad! With the iPad coming onto the scene in 2010, Microsoft have had almost 4 years to get their ubiquitous presentation platform ready for iOS. So what do we think? Here's our first impressions!

Jan 2018
19th Feb 2014

Review: PheedLoop

Ever wanted to find out what your audience really thinks about your presentation? Fed up of collecting paper feedback forms? Then there may be an answer in PheedLoop. PheedLoop is a cute little tool for presenters to gather feedback from their audiences, without the need for printed sheets or awkward face to face feedback moments.

Jan 2018

We've been reading the eConsultancy blog for a while now and we find the content really interesting and useful. Then we got to thinking, could we make the content more engaging? Could we make the excellent content jump off the page? Let the upcycling begin!

Jan 2018
09th Sep 2013

Review: Flowboard

I love using my iPad to present, when you haven't time to get your laptop out and booted up, it's fantastic! I’d really love to be able to create content on my iPad too. Having the ability to create a quick presentation on the move would be super cool. Does the Flowboard for iPad app have what it takes?