Why not share that festive feeling with one of our free PowerPoint Christmas Cards. Download, edit and share your favourite from our seasonal selection!

Don’t forget to check out our greetings cards from previous years, available via the links below:

2012 Christmas Cards

2013 Christmas Cards 

1. Build a Snowman

Created by Chris Korek

“For my Christmas Card this year I wanted to experiment with some of the ways PowerPoint lets you makes presentations interactive. In particular I’ve been exploring the trigger function to sequence animations in a non-linear order so that the viewer can play with it and become active in how the story plays out. When I came up with the idea of an Elf asking you to decide which snow to use when making a snowman I thought it was a perfect fit as something fun and cheerful for Christmas.”

Get your hands on the editable PowerPoint from the zip file here

2. Snowman’s Adventure

Created by Kieran Chadha

“My PowerPoint snowman has made a guest appearance on each of my Christmas Cards – so here he is again on a new adventure. Everything you see has been made from PowerPoint shapes – they’re just shaded differently, and formatted to achieve the right effect. I thought it would be interesting to see just how varied you can make things look. Plus, I figured out how to make a snowman blink.”

Get your hands on the editable PowerPoint from the zip file here

3. Monster Christmas

Created by Amy Singh

“My Christmas card was inspired by the monster movie genre. What would happen if a ferocious fire-breathing dragon decided that he wanted to spread Christmas joy instead of burning cities to the ground? Or, what if he realized he could do both simultaneously? Well, look no further if you want the answer to these questions and more!”

Get your hands on the editable PowerPoint from the zip file here

4. Festive Castle

Created by Richard Goring

“Welcome to the Festive Castle, full of the joys of the holidays. Outside uses triggers to create a bit of an interactive environment for you to click through and make things happen, while clicking inside reveals a sequence of photos down a hallway that you can customise and add some holiday messages. 1604 animations on the first slide, by the way!”

Get your hands on the editable PowerPoint from the zip file here

5. Christmas Tree

Created by Anna Smith

“My card was inspired by all the photos I saw popping up all over my various social media feeds of the people heading up to the mountains and finding a Christmas tree. The animations are fairly simple and give the impression of movement with very little complexity!”

Get your hands on the editable PowerPoint from the zip file here

6. Christmas Dates

Created by Vincent Thompson

“My card was inspired by a friend’s recent foray into online dating and their experiences so far!”

Get your hands on the editable PowerPoint from the zip file here

7. Christmas Lights

Created by Elizabeth Stodolski

“I was inspired by the drive through the holiday light spectacular in Jones Beach, NY, so gave it a shot in PowerPoint.”

Get your hands on the editable PowerPoint from the zip file here

8. Silent Night

Created by Hannah Brownlow

“I thought I’d go for a traditional Christmas card and hark back to where it all started. I tried to create the idea that the viewer is flying through space with the stars and then finally settles in front of a stable scene. I wanted it all to look simple with just a few complementary bars of Silent Night as an accompaniment.”

Get your hands on the editable PowerPoint from the zip file here

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  1. Image of Adrian Logan Adrian Logan says:

    You guys are great as usual, thanks for all the things you do, especially for free!

    1. Image of Joby Blume Joby Blume says:

      Adrian – it’s an absolute pleasure. Please send out some cards and help to spread the word!

      By the way, if anyone is having trouble with the carousel display on Chrome (if you are using a high-resolution Windows PC) our elves are trying to fix the bug. In the meantime, try another browser of just wait for the carousel to rotate…

  2. Image of Chanette Chanette says:

    Great job guys and thank you!

  3. Image of Keith Rowden Keith Rowden says:

    Wonderfully innovative as always, a joy to go through the cards. More great examples of your creativty and the fun it is to deal with you. Have a great Christmas.

  4. Image of Ninetta Reindl Ninetta Reindl says:

    Great cards, thank you for sharing. Have a fab Christmas holiday.

  5. Image of Cynthia Rogan Cynthia Rogan says:

    Your creativity never ceases to amaze me. Happy Holidays!

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