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We’re often asked whether it’s possible to ‘cut out’ images in PowerPoint. Well, the good news is that it is, and the even better news is that we've written a How-To guide to show you how it’s done.

Feb 2024

    It can seem daunting to take a text-heavy slide or list of bullets and turn it into something visual, especially if you don’t think you’re super creative. However, the first step is simply reducing the amount of text on your slides – and you don’t have to be an artist to do that!

    Feb 2024
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    All the best things in life do loop-the-loops. Rollercoasters, fancy planes, and… PowerPoint! Learn how to make a loop-the-loop-ing infinite Motion Path in PowerPoint for silky smooth repeating image carousels, never-ending animations, and more!

    Feb 2024
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    Getting yourself a basic computer mouse is one of the quickest and most effective ways of revolutionising your presentation design. Think about it, no graphic designer in their right mind would work in their creative programs without wielding their mouse like a mighty sword

    Feb 2024
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    Most presentations are a cascade of text-heavy Death-by-PowerPoint slides. Online learners suffer the torture of brochures converted to click-through-eLearning. Most people now recognize that using visuals is the way to go. But how do you make visual presentations and eLearning that work? We think there are six steps you need to follow.

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