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Marketing presentations

Marketing departments spend significant time and money on content. Yet when it comes to presentation design, too many teams try to do things in-house, or leave it to marketing agencies who just aren’t that good with PowerPoint or Keynote.

So, how can we help you? With BrightCarbon –

You can enjoy professional marketing presentation design to enhance your brand, on a project basis or through a helpdesk for ad hoc requests;
You can build your in-house capabilities with training in PowerPoint and persuasive storytelling;
You can bring consistency to the presentations throughout your organisation with PowerPoint templates and toolkits;
You can use compelling eLearning for effective on-demand and mobile product updates for those in the field selling.

Marketing presentations

What's your cost per opportunity? How many opportunities do you create each month? And then how much did you spend on your sales presentation - the sales tool that actually helps tell your sales story and communicate value to prospects? Nothing?

Marketing departments and corporate presentations

13 signs your corporate presentation needs help

Considering how important corporate presentations can be it's amazing how badly some companies do them. The wrong messages, presented in the wrong way, at the wrong time, and for the wrong reasons. If you are making any of the 13 mistakes below, your corporate presentation needs help.

Why you shouldn't use your marketing agency for presentations

Presentation agency or marketing agency?

In the agency world, it’s fair to say that PowerPoint design sits somewhere at the bottom of the pile. Working with a specialist presentation design company will generally deliver better results, with less effort, and typically at lower cost. So why do some companies just go with their marketing agency for presentations?

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No one was looking at their electronics; all eyes were on the podium. We raised the bar on what a great presentation is supposed to look like.

Curtis Waycaster Smith & Nephew