Persuasive Storytelling Training

Learn how to craft a powerful message, develop a compelling presentation, and tell a persuasive story, with our persuasive storytelling training.

Our expert trainers will teach your team how to build a value proposition that works, how to position against the competition, and how to tell stories that challenge the status quo. This training is targeted at those who write presentations, but would be equally valuable for those who tell stories in other media.

Persuasive storytelling course details

Persuasive storytelling training learning objectives

Craft persuasive client-focused messages

Formulate competitive positioning that differentiates, and that audiences care about

Articulate your value proposition effectively in different contexts

Write and tell compelling stories that engage audiences

What you’ll learn in our persuasive storytelling training

Powerful openings: why your audience must be the starting point for any good presentation, how to tell stories that challenge the status quo, and what elements should – and definitely should not – go into a presentation introduction.

Set objectives: how your next step should shape your story, how to set objectives clearly for storytelling, and the biggest mistakes people make when setting objectives.

Story structure: how to structure your content to be compelling and persuasive, when and how to make your structure visible to your audience, and how to decide on the right order for sections.

Value propositions: how to construct persuasive value propositions from the top down or the bottom up, how to position competitively, and how to avoid “me too” positioning.

Benefits over features: does your content pass the ‘So What’ test? What to do if it doesn’t, how to find the right level of technical detail for your audience, and how to discuss features in a compelling way.

Closing with impact: how your conclusion should compel your audience to act.

Our Process

01 | Assess storytelling training needs

Our persuasive storytelling training is modular. We discuss your needs, and agree which training modules to include. We can create bespoke training including PowerPoint or presentation skills training alongside storytelling skills training too.

02 | Set logistics

We can come to you for face-to-face training, or if you prefer, we can run a series of online persuasive storytelling training sessions for your far-flung teams. Before your training, we make sure we are clear on who is attending and their needs.

03 | Review existing messaging

Because our storytelling training is so practical, we prepare for your training by reviewing your existing content - the stories you tell, the arguments you use, the positioning you adapt, and even the weaknesses you exhibit.

04 | Run persuasive storytelling training

One of our experienced trainers runs your persuasive storytelling training. Our trainers work as presentation messaging consultants for some of the world's biggest brands - on pitches, sales content, and other communication - and know what works.

05 | Provide follow-up training online

To ensure the training is as effective as possible, we provide online refresher storyteling training a few weeks after your training finishes.


Recording supplement (12 month licence)
Recording supplement (12 month licence)
Recording supplement (12 month licence)
Included participants
 WorkshopHalf-dayOne dayTwo days
Recording supplement (12 month licence)£875£1250£2125£3750
Recording supplement (12 month licence)$1250$1875$3000$5250
Recording supplement (12 month licence)€937€1312€2187€3937
Included participants10101010
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Sessions for more than 10 participants will incur surcharges as follows – 11-20 – 25%; 21-40 – 50%; 41-75 – 75%; 76 – 150 – 100%. Please contact us to discuss pricing for more than 150 participants.

A recording to be used for up to two weeks is included in our list pricing. If you wish to license use of a recording for a full year, a supplement is charged. Please contact us for any other licensing requirements.

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