Google Slides Training

Looking to help your teams create clear, dynamic, and compelling presentations using Google Slides? Whether you’re transitioning from another presentation software, looking to boost your team’s productivity, or want to pick up some new design skills, our Google Slides wizards are here to help.

Our customisable, modular training course covers layout & design, visualisation, graphs & charts, image manipulation, interactivity, templates, fonts & text, multimedia, and animation in Google Slides. We’ll share our favourite productivity tips and tricks, and best practices for working in the cloud and collaborating within Slides.

Google Slides course details

Google Slides training learning objectives

By the end of the training session your teams will be able to…

Explain the role of slides in a presentation

Apply the principles of professional presentation design

Construct new and develop existing slides for maximum audience engagement

Efficiently design and build effective multi-use presentations in Google Slides

What you’ll learn in our Google Slides training course

Once we’ve established your Google Slides training needs, we’ll construct your personalised course using the following modules:

Google Slides tool navigation, application, and productivity hacks – The Google Slides interface can feel daunting. To get started, we’ll show you how to glide through the interface with ease, use some handy shortcuts, and pick up top tips for utilising some of the lesser-known functionality. Not only will you build your confidence, you’ll also give your workflow a speed boost.

Visualisation – Understand why and how it works, to help you transform dull data and uninteresting blocks of text into captivating visuals and compelling stories.

Layout and design – We’ll cover the theory of creating effective slide layouts, and use simple, friendly design methods to help you build slides that don’t just look great, but also help your audience retain the information being presented.

Showing data effectively – No more dreary data slides! You’ll learn how to create, link, edit, animate, and present charts, graphs, and infographics in an engaging way that ensures your audience understands why your data matters to them.

Animation – Harness the power of effective animation to capture your audience’s attention. You’ll start with the basics of identifying types of animations and transitions before moving on to more advanced tricks like adding and optimising GIFs.

Advanced image manipulation – Learn how to manipulate images and photographs within the browser without the need for specialist graphics software.

Interactivity, automation and media – We’ll cover inserting interactive elements into your presentations to create agendas, navigation controls and other useful features. On top of that, you’ll learn how to export your slides for multiple use cases. We’ll also talk about how to import, edit, and use media effectively within Google Slides.

Templates and themes – Find out how effective layouts and a well-built template can streamline production and help you guarantee visually consistent presentations. We’ll also show you how to create these layouts effectively regardless of the template you’re using.

Anything else? – Want to know how to get the most out of your template? Reduce file size? Want us to have a go at redesigning that troublesome slide in-person? The good news is that this course has been designed with maximum flexibility in mind, so if there’s specific Google Slides functionality you’d like us to help you explore, let our experts know!

Our Process

01 | Assess Google Slides training needs

Our Google Slides training is modular. Once we’ve discussed your training needs, we’ll propose which modules to include. We can also customise your training by including extra modules such as storytelling or presentation skills.

02 | Set logistics

Whether you’d like us to come to you for face-to-face training, or run the sessions online for your remote teams, we’re happy to do what works best for you. Before each session, we will clarify who’s attending and their individual needs.

03 | Create bespoke Google Slides toolkit

You’ll receive a Google Slides deck that will act as a workbook / reference guide / toolkit to help guide you through the training. This deck will follow your design guidelines, meaning that you’ll be working within your own brand throughout the sessions.

04 | Run Google Slides training

Your session will be run by one of our experienced trainers. When they aren't running training sessions, they’re working as presentation design wizards for some of the world’s biggest brands - using Google Slides.

05 | Provide follow-up training online

Once your main training sessions are complete, we offer an online refresher course to ensure that your learning experience is as effective as possible.


Recording supplement (12 month licence)
Recording supplement (12 month licence)
Recording supplement (12 month licence)
Included participants
 WorkshopHalf-dayOne dayTwo days
Recording supplement (12 month licence)£750£1112£1625£3250
Recording supplement (12 month licence)$1112$1750$2812$5000
Recording supplement (12 month licence)€812€1250€1937€3750
Included participants10101010
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Sessions for more than 10 participants will incur surcharges as follows – 11-20 – 25%; 21-40 – 50%; 41-75 – 75%; 76 – 150 – 100%. Please contact us to discuss pricing for more than 150 participants.

A recording to be used for up to two weeks is included in our list pricing. If you wish to license use of a recording for a full year, a supplement is charged. Please contact us for any other licensing requirements.

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