Presentation Skills Training

An effective presentation that communicates the value of your solution in a clear, compelling, and persuasive way is a powerful first step towards winning your next sale. But no matter how shiny your slides, how polished your message, or how dazzling your animations, if the presenter delivering the material isn’t confident and commanding in their approach, the whole experience can – and often does – fall flat.

Strong presenters aren’t born, they’re trained. The problem is that most courses focus on the periphery: things like body language, positive thinking, and dress code. All these things play a part, but unless the presentation itself actually works and the presenter understands how to make the most of it, then they will only ever get you so far.

This course focuses on helping presenters appreciate what makes an effective presentation. We’ll cover message, structure, content, attention, pacing, and interaction – all crucial ingredients of persuasive sales communication. Then we’ll put all these elements into practice with group coaching delivered by an experienced trainer.

Presentation skills course details

Presentation skills training learning objectives 

Upon completing the training session, attendees will be able to: 

  • Identify the central objectives of an effective presentation  
  • Articulate your company’s message using persuasive, audience-focused language 
  • Demonstrate effective delivery of visual, animated slides 
  • Support colleagues in honing their own presentation delivery 

What you’ll learn in our presentation skills training 

Common mistakes We begin by examining the principles of an effective presentation and identifying common mistakes to avoid.  

Effective openings & structure A simple methodology to establish a narrative across your slides; focusing on how to structure the opening of a deck for maximum impact. 

Value propositions & benefits A deep dive into the significance of benefit-focused language and how to communicate value in a way your audience understands.    

Clear interaction Ideas and best practice to ensure your delivery style enhances (rather than undermines) your content. 

Visualisation Exploring the importance of visuals in communication and techniques to encourage a shift away from text-based content. 

Managing your audience Tackling questions and interruptions; navigating PowerPoint on-the-fly; exploring the differences between face-to-face and online delivery.  

Presentation delivery & coaching A practical workshop giving everyone a chance to present a few slides. Hands-on coaching to help presenters improve their confidence and delivery. 

Use your brand new BrightCarbon sales presentation for the coaching session, or send us some of your own material in advance and our experts will create a short sequence of designed slides for your team to deliver. 

Our Process

01 | Set logistics

We walk through options for delivery: number of attendees, platform or venue, and technology – ensuring everyone joining the session is equipped with all they need to take part. We’ll discuss your team’s current habits, strengths and concerns, so we can tailor our teaching to focus on the areas they need.

02 | Send us some sample slides

Our practical training offers each participant chance to present material and receive individual coaching. You can use our own specifically-created training content or send us a selection of typical slides. Our team will apply some BrightCarbon magic to revamp them ready to be presented by participants during our session.

03 | Run session

One of our experienced trainers runs your presentation skills training, in-person or remotely. Our training is practical and hands-on, consisting of interactive workshops, practical exercises, and real-life feedback.

04 | Provide follow-up material

We provide comprehensive follow-up materials: recapping and expanding on content covered – including links to helpful resources to help your team get up and running with their new skills.


Recording supplement (12 month licence)
Recording supplement (12 month licence)
Recording supplement (12 month licence)
Included participants
 WorkshopHalf-dayOne dayTwo days
Recording supplement (12 month licence)£875£1250£2125£3750
Recording supplement (12 month licence)$1250$1875$3000$5250
Recording supplement (12 month licence)€937€1312€2187€3937
Included participants10101010
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Sessions for more than 10 participants will incur surcharges as follows – 11-20 – 25%; 21-40 – 50%; 41-75 – 75%; 76 – 150 – 100%. Please contact us to discuss pricing for more than 150 participants.

A recording to be used for up to two weeks is included in our list pricing. If you wish to license use of a recording for a full year, a supplement is charged. Please contact us for any other licensing requirements.

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