Presentation Skills Training

Give your presenters – and your presentations – the boost they need with our presentation skills training. Equip your team with new skills and improved confidence to engage, inform, and persuade their audiences.

Our friendly team of trainers will put your presenters through their paces: instilling an understanding of what makes a truly effective presentation and then focusing very practically on how to deliver one. With our presentation skills training, your presenters will gain the real-life skills they need to deliver your presentations – including skills coaching around interaction, rehearsal, and delivery.

Presentation skills training

Presentation skills course details

Presentation skills training learning objectives

Use language to clarify your message and persuade your audience

Demonstrate excellent presentation skills through individual coaching

Summarise slides and sections effectively, and bring clarity through structure

Sketch visuals and practise converting text into visual slides

Discover how to coach others on presentation skills sensitively yet effectively.

What you’ll learn in our presentation skills training

Not all presentation skills training is created equal. You’ll understand what is – and what isn’t – important to delivering a knock-out presentation

Compelling Visuals – You’ll see just how powerful visuals can be when used correctly, and gain insight into how to convert your text slides into engaging graphics and imagery

Powerful Openings – A proven, simple-to-follow process for creating an impact and setting clear expectations for your audience

Structure – Your new best friend for clearly guiding your audience through your content: good structure makes sense of content, and allows your value messages to shine

Benefits – Learn how to see your solution from your audience’s perspective, how to describe it in a way that means something to them, and demonstrate the positive impact it could make

Language – Stop reading bullet points and start crafting narratives. Use your language to paint a picture of what could be, and carry your prospects along with your passion and excitement for your products

Coaching – Straight-talking, but supportive individual coaching helps hone your delivery. Watch fellow delegates present, listen to the direction from our expert trainers, and witness how you become a more confident presenter and a champion of better presenting across your organisation

Presentation skills training however you need it – work with your own material, use specifically-created resources, or have BrightCarbon create a powerful, sparkling new presentation to kick-start your sales push. We work however you need, using content you choose, to deliver the results you’re after.

Our Process

01 | Assess presentation skills training needs

Our presentation skills training is modular. We discuss your needs, and agree which presentation skills training modules to include. We can create bespoke training including PowerPoint or storytelling training alongside presentation skills training too.

Select training modules
02 | Set logistics

We typically come to you to deliver face-to-face training. Before your training, we make sure we are clear on who is attending and their needs, and make sure that we pitch the training at the right level. We can assess participants if required.

Arrange training
03 | Run presentation skills training

One of our experienced trainers runs your presentation skills training. The training is highly practical, and uses real-life material for your team to present. Our trainers work on presentations for some of the world's biggest brands, and know what works.

Run training session
04 | Provide follow-up training online

To ensure the training is as effective as possible, we provide online refresher presentation skills training a few weeks after your initial training, including material on how to present online.

Training follow-up online


Maximum participants
3 x 2
 One DayTwo DaysHalf DayOnline
Hours7153.53 x 2
Maximum participants101010Unlimited

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