Graphic design

Interactive PDFs

With an interactive PDF you can combine a beautifully designed printable document with animation, video, hyperlinks and navigation, roll-over effects, forms for data collection, and more.

Ideal for enhancing complex reference material, our interactive PDFs can be paired with eLearning and face-to-face training content to create a blended learning package.

Our Process

01 | Plan and structure

We map out your content, how it will be structured, and how and when users will interact. We decide where to use different media, how hyperlinking and navigation should work, and how content will behave in different settings.

Plan and structure
02 | Agree design style

We work with you to find the right style, considering your guidelines, requirements, hopes and dreams. We'll send you a designed sample and, once you're happy, we'll continue designing the rest of your interactive PDF.

Agree design style
03 | Design PDF

We create something beautiful that enhances your brand, communicates your ideas, and makes your content look professional. We consider how the interactive PDF will look in different environments, including when printed.

Design infographic or PDF
04 | Add interactivity

Once we have designed your resource, and you are happy with the static content, we build the navigation and interactivity over the top. Then we prepare the resource in the right format, and optimise it for your infrastructure.

Handouts & Leave-behinds



Service includes layout and design, and building interactivity including hyperlinking, diagrams and illustrations, buttons and forms, and even animation sequences. You supply the copy.

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A big and sincere thanks for all of your superb help and effort in preparing such fantastic material and for all your excellent coaching tips. Look forward to working with you again soon.

Greg Tufnall Siemens