eLearning Creation

eLearning is a powerful tool – it has the potential to train an entire workforce consistently and easily, no matter where they are in the world. With BrightCarbon’s eLearning creation service you can benefit from bespoke eLearning written, built, and optimised for the needs of your users.

Our consultants work with you to craft your learning objectives and plan your content, and our expert UX and graphic designers bring your eLearning to life with stunning explanatory visuals.

eLearning design eLearning creation


Our Process

01 | Course overview

We start by looking at the needs of your learners - where they are, and where you want them to get to - and then we plan their journey by setting learning objectives and structuring content.

Plan and structure
02 | Content and interaction

We storyboard the eLearning content and interactions your learners will complete, creating layout wireframes, user-experience diagrams, and slide storyboards. We check everything with you to make sure you are delighted.

Storyboard eLearning
03 | Design

We design your eLearning. We work with you to find the right style, considering your guidelines, requirements, hopes and dreams. We'll send you a designed sample and, once you're happy, we'll continue designing the rest of your eLearning.

Design eLearning
04 | Build interactions

Now we can build your module. We often use Storyline, but might make use of Illustrator, Photoshop, After Effects, iSpring, PowerPoint and more along the way. We use sophisticated interactions to keep learners engaged and reinforce learning.

eLearning add interactions and navigation
05 | Testing

Lastly, we submit your eLearning to some rigorous tests until we're happy your shiny, new, super-effective module is ready to go! We work with your people to make sure the module works well with your LMS and IT infrastructure.

Test eLearning


10 minutes
20 minutes
30 minutes
45 minutes
Duration10 minutes20 minutes30 minutes45 minutes

Narration and translation are available on request.

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