Interactive Handbook

An online resource that is both easily navigable and beautifully designed can be an effective tool to help your workforce, customers, or learners get the information they need, when they need it. With our interactive handbook service, you get a digital document that effectively delivers your content through a slick design style and user interface.

Provide our expert design team with your static content – manuals, documents, epic slide decks – and help us understand the structure of the document. We transform all this into a usable, interactive, and effective handbook. We can deliver this in a number of formats, from PowerPoint files to interactive HTML5, depending on your needs.

Our Process

01 | Plan and structure

We sit down with you to organise your content, ensuring the right focus is on the right elements. We map out your content, work out how it will be structured, and define how users will get to the information they need.

02 | Wireframe navigation

Our team creates user interface wireframes and slide layouts to ensure that the handbook will be intuitive for your users to navigate. We check everything with you to make sure you are delighted.

03 | Graphic design

Our design consultants work with you to find the right visual style for the content, considering your guidelines, requirements, hopes and dreams. We'll send you a sample and, once you're happy, we'll continue designing the rest of your handbook.

04 | Navigation and interactivity

We pull together text, graphics and interactive elements to bring your handbook to life, and optimise the output for your IT infrastructure.



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First of all the deck looks great, once again you guys have done an outstanding job. Second, I’d like to comment on the quality of the training provided by your colleagues - quite simply it was exceptional. I have spoken to the whole team and that view is unanimous. Please pass this on.

James Bagan MyLife Digital