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Training presentations and eLearning

Most learning & development departments use text-heavy slides. For classroom training, for webinars, for storyboarding, and as the basis for rapid eLearning. But text-heavy slides don’t work.

So, how can we help you? We know how to use slides to tell visual stories, how to use visual storytelling for eLearning, and how to use great design to make learning effective. With BrightCarbon you can…

Create or revamp eLearning – bringing together great visualisation, stunning graphics, and effective instructional design to ensure your learners actually learn;
Revolutionise your training presentations with world-class training presentation design, and build your own capabilities with advanced PowerPoint training;
Support blended learning with beautiful infographics and interactive PDFs.

Training presentations and eLearning


Interactive PowerPoint and eLearning

How to make interactive PowerPoint slides for eLearning

Want to build some interactivity into your PowerPoint slides? Here are two easy entry-level ways that you can turn your PowerPoint slides into dynamic and interactive material for eLearning.

Interactive PDFs and blended learning

Are interactive PDFs useful for eLearning agencies?

What can you do with an Interactive PDF? (and perhaps equally importantly, what can't you do). Working in an eLearning agency means we are always investigating different way to engage learners, share knowledge, and assess delegates. We're all so used to simply reading documents as PDFs that it's easy to forget that this versatile format has many more features and capabilities. Read on to learn more about what can be done with PDF from an eLearning agency that creates them...

Create better training presentations

12 training presentation ideas

We've all come across really boring training slides. But wouldn't it be great if training presentations actually supported trainers and helped participants to actually learn something? So, calling all facilitators, trainers, and training content creators, please take note of our 12 training presentation ideas!

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