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Internal presentations

Ensuring information gets to the right people in your organisation is challenging. Cutting through the noise to ensure messages are heard can be painfully hard. But your organisation’s culture and success depend on being heard.

So, how can we help you? With BrightCarbon you can…

Ensure your internal presentations are compelling, persuasive, and effective – with state-of-the-art messaging and presentation design
Make important information readily available to those who need it with click-and-explore resources and eLearning
Revolutionise the way your people create and deliver presentations, and in doing so upgrade your organisation’s presentation culture.

Internal presentations
Better slides for better presentations

Hate presenting? It’s not you, it’s your slides

Do you hate presenting? Have you spent time working on your presentation skills? It probably didn't work. Good news. It's not your fault.

Internal presentations and slides that work

The presentation style of Steve Jobs: Don’t try this at home

Your presentation style shouldn't be based on Steve Jobs' presentation style. If you mostly deliver presentations to small groups, for heaven's sake, don't model your approach on someone who was great at doing something completely different.

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First of all the deck looks great, once again you guys have done an outstanding job. Second, I’d like to comment on the quality of the training provided by your colleagues - quite simply it was exceptional. I have spoken to the whole team and that view is unanimous. Please pass this on.

James Bagan MyLife Digital