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We’re often asked whether it’s possible to ‘cut out’ images in PowerPoint. Well, the good news is that it is, and the even better news is that we've written a How-To guide to show you how it’s done.

Jan 2022
07th Nov 2019

Review: PowerPointLabs

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The National University of Singapore have developed an add-on software called PowerPointLabs. If you are an ambitious PowerPoint user who doesn’t have time to fiddle around with learning all the tricks that experts such as the BrightCarbon staff have figured out, then you may find PowerPointLabs to be very helpful.

Jan 2022
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When Microsoft brought out 3D models support in PowerPoint, we were all a bit excited, however there usually comes a point where you want to create your own 3D models in PowerPoint to add that little pinch of excitement to your presentation. If you don’t know where to begin, fear not. We have just the guide for you!

Jan 2022
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Sometimes we struggle to find things and get frustrated when they don’t appear, whether it’s locating your house keys, finding Wally in a sea of Wally impostors or hunting down the partner to that lone sock at the bottom of the washing basket. Or maybe it’s replacing fonts that PowerPoint says are present in your file, but you just can’t find and your childhood Wally searching skills are letting you down. Well, this post can help you with PowerPoint, but you’ll have to find the sock yourself, sorry!

Jan 2022
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The use of infographic is on the rise, however if you're not a graphic designer, or you don't have the budget for one, turning raw data into something visual can be a daunting task. This guide will show you that creating a beautifully visual infographic in PowerPoint is much easier than you think.

Jan 2022

    Masking effects are a great way to jump-start your image slides in PowerPoint. They not only look great, but also serve many a practical purpose. We've come up with a few ideas for creative ways to combine masking and animation in your presentation.

    Jan 2022
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    Having lots of image slides in a presentation can be great, but sometimes they don't do the heavy-lifting they ought to with your message. Using shapes as stencils to create masking effects in PowerPoint is a really easy and effective way to make your image slides stand out, and communicate something more. Here are three ideas you can try

    Jan 2022
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    Wonky alignment and badly proportioned slides can easily distract your audience, compromise your professionalism, and invalidate your content. Read this post to find out how to use PowerPoint grids and guides to create effective layouts that not only look neat and professional, but actually leverage proportions to better communicate with your audience.

    Jan 2022
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    Media-rich presentations are great, but can result in a huge file size. This can cause problems when trying to share your presentation, or even cause PowerPoint to crash. But is there an answer? Absolutely. In this article we share five ways to compress PowerPoint file size for easy emailing and speedy running of your presentation.

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