We love PowerPoint at BrightCarbon. It’s such a versatile application and can be used for so much more than ‘just’ designing presentations. You can create videos, printed collateral, interactive eLearning, animated GIFs and so much more. But did you know you can create games? We’ve built one for you, using VBA, and it’s free to download and adapt.

Introducing the PowerPoint memory game

You’ve probably played this game as a kid. If you’re as old as I am, you might even have played it with physical cards! The objective is simple, turn two cards at a time to find a pair. If they don’t match, remember where they are and turn them back over.

Using just one PowerPoint slide and a splattering of VBA magic, we’ve built all the game logic for you so you can play the game and then adapt it to make it your own.

All you need to do is download the game, start the slide show and you’re off.

screenshot of PowerPoint memory game

Making it your own

The second slide includes instructions on how to modify the game. You can rebrand it, change the pictures under the card faces and increase/decrease the number of cards you have on a slide. The VBA code is a little more complex to adapt so if you’d like us to help out with that, do contact us.

Check out out blog for more ways VBA can help you with your PowerPoint creativity and don’t miss out on our brilliant free BrightSlide add-in for PowerPoint, now available for Windows and Mac.

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  1. Image of P P says:

    I teach IT in a school for excluded children. Can I get the VBA code for the PPt memory game, please? It is the kind of thing my students would love to use.
    Many thanks,

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