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Most presentations are a cascade of text-heavy Death-by-PowerPoint slides. Online learners suffer the torture of brochures converted to click-through-eLearning. Most people now recognize that using visuals is the way to go. But how do you make visual presentations and eLearning that work? We think there are six steps you need to follow.

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What's the difference between a presentation and a speech? Many people use the words interchangeably, but there are two main areas of difference. Speeches shouldn't be held up as examples of what those giving presentations should emulate.

Jun 2019

I’m a keen reader of children’s picture books. This isn’t because big words confuse me, but because I’m interested in how illustrations support our understanding of text. I’m going to show you just how effective images, and thus visual presentations, can be at maximising our understanding of text, through my personal love of picture books.

Jun 2019

When done well, eLearning can be a truly effective and engaging learning tool. An eLearning module that works for some learners, but leaves others unable to access the content, isn’t doing its job. This is why accessibility in eLearning is so important. Let's discuss...

Jun 2019
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PechaKucha presentation nights are a global phenomenon and have taken place in over 900 cities worldwide. On September 15th it was Manchester’s turn to host a 20×20 event, and BrightCarbon went along for the ride. The format of a PechaKucha presentation is simple. Speakers have 20 images on their…

Jun 2019
12th Aug 2016

Review: Storyboard That

Storyboarding is useful when creating visual content. We review Storyboard That, a website that enables users to create their own cartoon storyboards.

Jun 2019
21st Jul 2016

Why we need infographics

We live in a world where there is already an overload of data and information, with a constant stream of statistics and surveys being produced, all designed to persuade us to change our behaviour, our buying habits, or our views. The need for infographics has never been greater.

Jun 2019

eLearning provides an exciting opportunity for learners to engage with an interactive platform, acquire knowledge, and develop new skills. However, most eLearning is still stuck in the past, with pages and pages of texts and a multiple choice quiz to finish. There are so many more ways to have your learners interact with your eLearning content. Let's discuss...

Jun 2019
31st Mar 2016

Review: Visme

Visual content – infographics, images and animations – can be a much more engaging way of presenting information than text. We at BrightCarbon believe in and share this kind of philosophy with Visme...

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