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Sandy Rushton

Senior consultant

Describe what you do at BrightCarbon

I find ways to translate words into images and weave stories into presentations.




Hoping for a cat in the near future.


A brown ale or a red wine.


BA (Hons) in Linguistics.

3 words that describe me

Laughs a lot.

Couldn't do my job without

A solid playlist.

Hidden skill

Ég tala íslensku…bara smá (I speak Icelandic…just a little).

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Recent articles by Sandy Rushton

Oct 2019

Mark Heaps is a photography, Photoshop, and presentation expert, the Executive Director for Heaps LLC and a founder of the Click Presentation Design Conference. Read on to find out more about his career, how to harness the power of visuals, and what it means to build a presentation design community.

Oct 2019

We have compiled 50 presentation quotes and categorized them into 10 themes so that you can easily find a quote that resonates with your message, be it in a sales presentation, keynote speech, or training deck. All the quotes include references and attributions, so that you can sail through compliance and get on with creating a stunning presentation!