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Richard Goring


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I’m enthusiastic about visual presentations and an advocate of animation. Ask me about motion paths and how many fit on a slide. You’ll work with me to create persuasive messages and compelling visuals. I don’t make or drink tea.






Water, smoothies, milkshakes.



3 words that describe me


Couldn't do my job without

Microsoft 8000 Presenter Mouse.

Hidden Skill

Lower your slides and surrender your bullets. We will add your visual and graphical distinctiveness to our own. Your presentations will adapt to service everyone. Resistance is futile.

Recent articles by Richard Goring

Jul 2017

Does your PowerPoint run really slowly? Mine did. Particularly the animation pane, and slides with lots of graphics (especially vector graphics). Office 2013 was fine, then Office 365 (with PowerPoint 2016) was ridiculously slow. There might be a simple fix to help...

Jul 2017

Even the most tedious tasks can be transformed from things we have to do into things we’re addicted to doing. it’s happening, it’s called gamification. Let's discuss.

Jul 2017

You know when you’ve got a conference call and you’re first on, and there’s that blissful silence when you can contemplate anything in the world? What do you do? I found myself in that situation the other day, and I ended up being a bit like Darth Vader…

Jul 2017

The Morph transition in PowerPoint 2016 is pretty cool, but did you know that it can also make objects rotate in 3D too? Check this out to see how.

Jul 2017

If you’ve got a presentation with lots of images, but find that the file size is incompatible with the rules of email etiquette and won’t get through, can you reduce the file size to make it easier to deal with? Let's find out...

Jul 2017

Does PowerPoint 2013 or 2016 feel much slower than your old version of PowerPoint? It can be resolved by getting rid of the little animations and transitions that Microsoft has built in to make things look better (but perform worse). Let's take a look...