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Lucy Wyatt

Managing design consultant

Describe what you do at BrightCarbon

Design and create interesting and engaging presentations.


No kids.


No pets of my own yet. We have a family Ragdoll kitten named Millie.


Hot Chocolate and Whiskey.


A BSc in Animation and Special Effects.

3 words that describe me

Creative, passionate and curious.

Couldn't do my job without

A pen and paper for sketching ideas.

Hidden skill

Hot yoga enthusiast

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Recent articles by Lucy Wyatt

Sep 2022
29th Apr 2021

Review: NXPowerLite

NXPowerLite is the latest incarnation of a nifty Office compression solution which helps to reduce file sizes in a multitude of ways. Whether you pin it to your taskbar or choose to compress directly within Microsoft products such as PowerPoint, Word, Excel or Outlook, NXPowerLite makes compression so easy!

Sep 2022

Sometimes we struggle to find things and get frustrated when they don’t appear, whether it’s locating your house keys, finding Wally in a sea of Wally impostors or hunting down the partner to that lone sock at the bottom of the washing basket. Or maybe it’s replacing fonts that PowerPoint says are present in your file, but you just can’t find and your childhood Wally searching skills are letting you down. Well, this post can help you with PowerPoint, but you’ll have to find the sock yourself, sorry!