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Megan Penney

Senior consultant

Describe what you do at BrightCarbon

I help craft wonderful presentations by using visualisation.




I wish, but no. My family have a Battersea dog called Rusty.


Tea in the morning, Whiskey sours and Belgian beer on the weekend.


(Pending) PhD in the Philosophy of Physics, MPhys Physics with Philosophy.

3 words that describe me

Chatty, friendly, bookworm.

Couldn't do my job without

Some instrumental music in the background.

Hidden skill

I can make a great Espresso Martini.

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Recent articles by Megan Penney

Jul 2024

Creating a great virtual training experience is about how well you use the physical and virtual tools at your disposal. Good virtual classroom learning requires clever design to focus your learners’ attention, create interactivity, and encourage discussion.