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Vincent Thompson

Creative consultant

Describe what you do at BrightCarbon

I’m responsible for the look and feel of your material. I also deliver online and face to face PowerPoint training.


Laina Edie Thompson (our first BrightCarbon baby!)




The recent flourish in the American Cask Ale industry has made me addicted to Goose Island IPA & Anchor Steam beer.


BA (Hons) in Product Design – So far I am yet to invent or design any useful products, will keep you posted though.

3 words that describe me

Personable, reliable, short.

Couldn't do my job without

My large screen monitor and 6 music.

Hidden skill

Open water swimming in the Salford Quays, it may well shorten my lifespan, but I love it!

Recent articles by Vincent Thompson

Jul 2017

When carrying out BrightCarbon's Advanced PowerPoint training course, showing Keyboard shortcuts to help people carry out every-day tasks much faster than normal is always a really big hit. Download our PowerPoint Keyboard Shortcuts PDF here...

Jul 2017

With the imminent arrival of PowerPoint 2016 for Mac, it got me thinking about PowerPoint for Mac as it currently stands. I recently conducted a PowerPoint training course for a marketing team. There was a twist to how the course normally played out, half of the team were using MacBook’s featuring the latest version of PowerPoint 2011 for mac, the other half were using PowerPoint 2010 on their windows based laptops...

Jul 2017

It's one of life's great mysteries, baffling great minds for generations, just how do you create a countdown timer in PowerPoint? Here at BrightCarbon we couldn't take no for an answer and we've unearthed the solution! Read on and become part of a very exclusive group of people...

Jul 2017

We've been using PowerPoint for a long time, a long time... Throughout our PowerPoint journey we've found a ton of functions in the presentation tool that match (and sometimes even beat) Photoshop. Don't believe me? Read on...

Jul 2017

One question we are often asked when conducting our Advanced PowerPoint training course is “Is there a way to add shapes to a grouped object within PowerPoint?” The answer is YES! Here's how.

Jul 2017

At BrightCarbon we've started to think that Shutterstock may have overtaken iStock as the commercial stock-photo site of choice for finding photos for presentation design, for three reasons.