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Rachael Hattam

Managing consultant

Describe what you do at BrightCarbon

I talk to our clients to help them get the best out of their content. Then I organise our team to transform the client’s key messages into the most beautiful visuals you ever did see.




No pets, but plenty of houseplants to compensate.


Oat latte/builder’s tea (not together). And a glass of red on a lazy evening.


Biochemistry with Spanish from the University of Manchester.

3 words that describe me

I am a rebel.

Couldn't do my job without

My colleagues! Love ‘em.

Hidden skill

Bouldering (indoor, mostly – there’s not loads of rocks to climb in central London).

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Recent articles by Rachael Hattam

Feb 2023

In our information-rich world, we like to gorge ourselves on data. There are stats and facts for just about any topic you can imagine, just a Google search away. But are data on their own informative enough? When you’re presented with a wall of numbers, are you able to easily decipher the context, background and ramifications of all that information? Probably not – which is why data visualization is becoming increasingly important.

Feb 2023

Having lots of image slides in a presentation can be great, but sometimes they don't do the heavy-lifting they ought to with your message. Using shapes as stencils to create masking effects in PowerPoint is a really easy and effective way to make your image slides stand out, and communicate something more. Here are three ideas you can try