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Katy Golder

Senior consultant

Describe what you do at BrightCarbon

I turn walls of text into engaging visuals.




A very lovely black Labrador called Otter.


Peppermint tea. All day, every day.


BA in French and Spanish.
MA in Translation.

3 words that describe me

Organised, open-minded, outdoorsy.

Couldn't do my job without

See “Drinks” above.

Hidden skill

Demon blanket-maker.

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Recent articles by Katy Golder

Feb 2023

We’ve found there’s no hard-and-fast rule for how big or small text on slides should be. Each presentation has its own unique requirements – it all depends on what you’re using the slides for, what you’re hoping to achieve with them, and how your audience will be viewing them. That said, we do have a few best practices for you to consider.