Presentation Services

  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Learning

Marketing Services

Do your presentations support your brand effectively?

Can you generate enough leads?

Are your sales people getting the results your company needs?

  • Enhance your brand with professional presentations
  • Generate more leads for sales with compelling video content
  • Deliver a consistent message to prospects
  • Replace clandestine collateral in the field with effective sales tools reps actually use
  • Stand out from the crowd by helping your reps interact with prospects in a fresh and dynamic way
  • Gain insight into what material works well in the field, and what doesn’t
  • Help sales increase revenue
  • Improve the culture of presentations and communication in your company

Sales Services

Do your sales people waste time creating their own presentations, when they should be selling?

Are your presentations holding back your conversion rates?

Do your pitch presentations lead to wins?

  • Increase conversion rates – By helping sales present more persuasively, with better content and effective training
  • Win bigger deals – Because your salespeople communicate value in a compelling way
  • Improve sales person productivity – With less time spent creating slides, more time selling
  • Increase up-sell and cross-sell – By using interactive sales tools that help uncover and respond to needs
  • Win more big pitches – With better pitch presentations that frame your bids in the best possible light
  • Improve B- and C-rep performance – With training to deliver sales messages persuasively

Learning Services

Could your courseware be improved?

Do you need to reach staff in new ways?

Are your training budgets under pressure?

  • Quickly and easily create e-Learning and m-Learning content
  • Create high-quality courseware
  • Reduce the cost of training delivery for compliance-led training
  • Deliver refresher training to prolong impact
  • Reach hard-to-reach audiences, on-demand
  • Improve the quality of presentations in your organisation
  • Increase trainer reach and deliver faster training course roll-out
  • Preserve training budgets