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I did not think it was possible for an external team to get our message so quickly and accurately. You got our messages better than we did, and delivered presentations that were slick and really effective.

Guy Shepherd, Bouygues

Our services include

We help create compelling visual presentations. Mostly that means sales presentations and training presentations, but also motion graphics, and visual conversations - anything that uses our visual storytelling abilities. We also provide PowerPoint and presentation skills training. See all services

  • Presentation Creation

    Presentation Creation

    Visual presentation design using PowerPoint. We use images and animation to make compelling slides.
  • Visual Conversations

    Visual Conversations

    B2B sales tools for iPad, including animated visual slides, sketches, hyperlinks, and interactivity. A new way to sell.
  • Presentation Helpdesk

    Presentation Helpdesk

    An on-demand presentation department. Simple contract. Single portal. Rapid slide design service.
  • PowerPoint Training

    PowerPoint Training

    Advanced PowerPoint training teaches you to create stylish visual animated slides, efficiently and easily.
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    And much more

    Compelling, clear, and persuasive tools for sales and marketing, learning and development. Training for presenters and presentation designers, beautiful animations, and awesome webinar content. Learn more