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BrightCarbon has created several animations for us. The result was always the same: a very clear “wow” effect. I highly recommend BrightCarbon for making complex topics come to life on screen!

Isabel Figge, Intergraph

Our services include

We help create effective B2B sales tools. Mostly that means sales presentations, but also motion graphics, and visual conversations - anything that uses our visual storytelling abilities. We also provide PowerPoint and presentation skills training. See all services

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    Presentation Creation

    Visual presentation design using PowerPoint. We use images and animation to make compelling slides.
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    Visual Conversations

    B2B sales tools for iPad, including slides, sketches, ROI calculators, and polls. A new way to sell.
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    Pitch support to maximise your chance of winning big deals. Messaging, sales presentation design, and coaching.
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    Create, share, and track video presentations online. Lead generation, sales presentations, and training.
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    And much more

    Compelling, clear, and persuasive tools for sales and marketing. Training for presenters and presentation designers, beautiful animations, and awesome webinar content. Learn more