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The BrightCarbon way

Curtis Waycaster

There is absolutely no doubt that the BrightCarbon presentation was a quantum leap beyond anything else at the conference with respect to the clarity of the presentation.

Curtis Waycaster, Smith & Nephew

Our services include

We help create compelling visual presentations and effective eLearning. That means sales presentations and training presentations, custom online learning, motion graphics, and visual conversations - anything that uses our visual storytelling abilities. We also provide PowerPoint and presentation skills training. See all services

  • Presentation Creation

    Presentation Creation

    Visual presentation design using PowerPoint. We use images and animation to make compelling slides.
  • Slide Revamp

    Slide Revamp

    Eliminate bullet points, communicate clearly, and impress your audiences with professional slide design
  • eLearning


    Go beyond the theory to create online learning that's visual and compelling, looks great, and actually works.
  • PowerPoint Training

    PowerPoint Training

    Advanced PowerPoint training teaches you to create stylish visual animated slides, efficiently and easily.
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    And much more

    Compelling, clear, and persuasive tools for sales and marketing, learning and development. Training for presenters and presentation designers, beautiful animations, and awesome webinar content. Learn more