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PPT on Mac - something misssing

PowerPoint 2011 for Mac – Something’s Missing

With the imminent arrival of PowerPoint 2016 for Mac, it got me thinking about PowerPoint for Mac as it currently stands. I recently conducted a PowerPoint training course for a marketing team. There was a twist to how the course normally played out, half of the team were using MacBook’s featuring the latest version of PowerPoint 2011 for mac, the other half were using PowerPoint 2010 on their windows based laptops…

Right Questions

How to Test Effectively by Asking the Right Questions

Online learning is fast becoming the go-to method for delivering courses, and testing is becoming a key part of making sure that your participants take away the right information. The trouble is that getting someone to answer a question might be good in the moment, but how do you write questions that will test participants so that they’ll retain the information longer than a Snapchat…

PPT Countdown Timer

How to Create a PowerPoint Countdown Timer

It’s one of life’s great mysteries, baffling great minds for generations, just how do you create a countdown timer in PowerPoint? Here at BrightCarbon we couldn’t take no for an answer and we’ve unearthed the solution! Read on and become part of a very exclusive group of people…