Does PowerPoint 2013 or 2016 feel much slower than your old version of PowerPoint? Getting rid of the little animations and transitions that Microsoft has built in to make things look better (but perform worse) will help to speed up PowerPoint and send your productivity through the roof.

Considering we’re always after the fastest computer, tablet, or phone, it seems odd that PowerPoint 2013 and 2016 actually seem slower than previous versions of PowerPoint. We’ve found that there still seem to be a few programing glitches that are frustrating, and we’ve found solutions to some, including the most common and irritating one, but actually, one of the biggest contributors to slow PowerPoint 2013 and 2016 performance are little animations, or smooth transitions between one state and the next that Microsoft included in an attempt to make everything fit a touch environment more easily. Each time you click, these effects pleasingly morph between functions, views, or windows, and only take half a second or a second to complete, but for power users of PowerPoint (and other Office 2013 and 2016 programs like Word and Excel) this just won’t do. It’s really noticeable how much longer things take, but with just a few quick clicks you can disable it all and speed up your system.

You need to get to the System Properties Screen, which you can find by doing a search for ‘System’ and the option you want is called ‘System Control Panel’. If you’re not familiar with search, there are two others ways to access the right area in Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 (but search is so easy and useful, it’s worth giving it a try):

Desktop route

Go to Control Panel by right clicking on ‘This PC’ on your Desktop or in File Explorer.

Click on ‘System and Security’ (top left).

Click on ‘System’ (third one down).

App route

Go to Settings by swiping in from the right of your screen and choose ‘Settings’, or click on the Start Menu (windows icon on the bottom left of your screen) and choose ‘Settings’ from the bottom left of the menu.

Click on ‘System’ (top left).

Click on ‘About’ (bottom left).

Scroll down and click on System Info.

You should end up on a screen that looks something like this:

Speed up PowerPoint: System Properties Screen Shot

Click ‘Advanced system settings’ on the left hand menu to bring up a new pop-up window (called System Properties).

In the ‘Performance’ box, click on ‘Settings’ for yet another pop-up window (called Performance Options).

Under the ‘Visual Effects’ tab, deselect the ‘Animate controls and elements inside windows’ check box.

Click OK on the Performance Options and System Properties pop-up windows and you’re all set.

Now PowerPoint 2013/16 and other Office 2013/16 programs should run that bit more quickly, respond to your every click immediately and make things far less frustrating.

P.S. I also choose to deselect the ‘Animate windows when minimizing and maximizing’ check box too, to speed up moving between windows. You can deselect any of the check boxes in the Performance Options window to get the best performance, but quite a few of them are useful, and don’t really impact your system’s speed that much, so consider carefully.

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  1. Image of Vincent Thompson Vincent Thompson says:

    Worked a treat, in particular, when zooming in/out on PowerPoint, I was starting to get car sickness, much prefer a sharp and direct zoom effect without trying to be smooth.

  2. Image of Hayden Davies Hayden Davies says:

    Worked really well… Just deselected everything. My issue was with scrolling mainly in PP. Thanks again.

  3. Image of Jay Jay says:

    Thank you. I got great performance without upgrading hardware.

  4. Image of Martha Martha says:

    I am using WIN 7. I make the settings and when I open an presentation with double click it is slow. Nothing change. Can you help me?

  5. Image of Doug Doug says:

    Great! Made a huge difference with my thousand-slide PowerPoint presentation!

    Thanks a bunch!

  6. Image of StarRay MC StarRay MC says:

    Yo, this is so good. My ppt 2013 is working like a 2010 keep it up!

  7. Image of jnb jnb says:

    Very good explanation and helpful! Thanks

  8. Image of Katy Katy says:

    Thank you! My IT department brushed off my complaints. This is super helpful!

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