It’s finally here, the holiday season! As the nights grow longer and the air grows colder, we know that all you want to do is settle down near a roaring fire, and snuggle up under the blankets with a good book PowerPoint presentation. Maybe you’ll even want to share your precious presentation with your guests (the perfect captive audience) around the dinner table. But how can you make sure you have a spellbinding set of slides? Well BrightCarbon are here to help, with our festive presentation advent calendar.

We’ve crafted a new tip for every single day this December to help you improve your presentations, not only now but all year round. And if you just can’t wait 24 hours for the next tip, you’re in luck – you can download a PowerPoint copy of the advent calendar and skip ahead like a naughty elf.

And as a special treat, you can also download our free PowerPoint add-in BrightSlide®, packed with amazingly powerful tools to help you create amazingly powerful slides. Oh, who are we kidding – it’s free all year! Our blog has lots of resources that expand on the tips, so be sure to check out the blog buttons for more info.

Download our presentation tips & tricks advent calendar!

For more festive fun, check out our crazy collection of over 101 PowerPoint Christmas cards!

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