Valentine’s Day is around the corner, and while a handcrafted, rose-scented card is a traditional and timeless greeting, we’re in the digital era now. So, if you’re an ecard enthusiast, you just can’t find a stamp, or you need a last-minute Valentine’s fix, we’ve got you covered.

The BrightCarbon team have been feeling the love, and have put together three bespoke Valentine’s day cards: all built in PowerPoint!

Below you’ll find a video of each card and from within the preview you’ll be able to download the PowerPoint file for the card. And, as we know, because the cards have been created in PowerPoint, you can alter them to include your name and the name of your Valentine.

In order to edit the cards, simply:

  • Download your favourite card by clicking the link below the video preview (any trouble downloading, check you have the latest version of your browser. Some earlier versions of IE have trouble with PowerPoint files)
  • Open the card in PowerPoint
  • Alter the end greeting text within the card
  • Save the file as a PowerPoint Show (File > Save As > Choose PowerPoint Show from the Save as type drop box)
  • Share the card with your beau!

So without further ado, here are our Valentine’s Day cards:

Be my Venn Valentine

What better way to show your loved one you should be together than with a Venn diagram? Perfect for the data and chart whizz in your life!

Download the editable PowerPoint file here

Thiiiiiiiis much! Valentine’s card

For the animal lover in your life. Nothing quite says romance like a cute cat!

Download the editable PowerPoint file here

Cute as a button Valentine’s card

Sometimes it’s good to let your loved one make the decisions, send them this card and they can choose what kind of backdrop they’d like on their card. Download the editable PowerPoint file to add in your own picture of your and your soulmate!

Download the editable PowerPoint file here

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  1. Image of Caryn Caryn says:

    Thank you so much for these excellent cards. These are so inspiring.

  2. Image of Ana Henry Ana Henry says:

    Thank you, these cards are adorable!

  3. Image of Jennifer Parent Jennifer Parent says:

    Love these! Many thanks. Also thought today’s webinar very helpful and well-presented

  4. Image of Dailynn Dailynn says:

    this was so great and i used some slides for my presentation. Guess what? It worked. I got an A.

  5. Image of Bill Gurney Bill Gurney says:

    Thanks! Among your best freebies

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