Visual Communication


Lessons from PechaKucha Night

PechaKucha presentation nights are a global phenomenon and have taken place in over 900 cities worldwide. On September 15th it was Manchester’s turn to host a 20×20 event, and BrightCarbon went along for the ride. The format of a PechaKucha presentation is simple. Speakers have 20 images on their slides, which advance automatically after 20 seconds (hence 20×20). Anyone can present

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Crap Presentations

We Told You What to Do… So Why Are So Many Presentations Still Crap?

Presentation Zen was published ten years ago. Al Gore won his Oscar for a film based on a presentation in 2006. Amazon sell more than 38,000 books with ‘presentation’ in the title, and more than 7,500 with ‘PowerPoint’. Which all sort or raises the question Why are so many presentations still crap? All those books, decks, all that advice – Is it even making a difference?

PowerPoint and Emojis

PowerPoint and the Rise of Emoji

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past 5 years, you’ll likely have seen the use of colourful icons punctuating texts, tweets, emails, adverts. It seems these little pictures are becoming a weighty force in how we communicate. What does this mean for language? And most importantly, what does it have to do with PowerPoint presentations?!


The Five Cardinal Sins of PowerPoint

What shortcuts and words of wisdom can we impart to you to make your presentations look different (and better!) than everyone else’s? The short answer is simple – don’t design your slides like everyone else. Here are some things you can leave off that will transform both your approach to presentations and your presentations themselves in no time.

Emphansising An Object

Emphasising an Object: Attention and Slide Design

We all know it’s important to ‘run through’ your presentation after you create it to make sure everything is the way you want it, but if you notice that something doesn’t quite draw the attention it should, what should you do? We discuss the simple ways you can adjust or add to an object so that it becomes the most obvious thing on the slide.