PowerPoint Animation

Countdown Timer

How to Make a Countdown in PowerPoint with a Scrolling Background

Countdown timers can be really effective ways of filling time in breaks at conferences or training sessions, or to give people a time limit to do an exercise or have a discussion. Follow these easy steps to create your own that is completely editable and see how easy it is to create a slick, branded countdown timer just using PowerPoint.

PPT Screen Record

Using PowerPoint 2016 to create Hand Drawn Videos

There’s a new feature in PowerPoint 2016 called ‘Screen Recording’ that allows you to record video (exported as an MP4) of hand drawn sketches, which can serve as a great tool for many different applications, including presentations, e-learning and training. For anyone who is new to the Screen Recording tool, this blog will serve as an easy introduction on how to best use its functionality and get the best results…

PPT Creatures

How to Create Lifelike, Moving Creatures in PowerPoint

Sometimes, working on a project gives you new opportunities to come up with new animations in PowerPoint that you previously didn’t think were possible. Recently I worked on a project featuring copious amounts of insect imagery, and a colleague came up with a creative way to get them to “crawl”. This got me thinking about animations in PowerPoint, and how they could be used to illustrate a whole range of moving things, including other animals, people and more…