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Pitch presentations

It costs a lot to bid for a large contract. It takes ages to develop a solution, write a submission, to get a chance to pitch. Yet too many teams risk wasting all that effort with inadequate preparation, confused messaging, amateurish presentation design, and end up delivering a poor pitch presentation.

So, how can we help you? With BrightCarbon you can…

Develop a differentiated value proposition to position your bid for success
Prepare a compelling and persuasive visual pitch presentation to enhance your chance of winning
Practice presenting your pitch deck and fielding questions so you can make the best impression.

Pitch presentations
What acting teaches about pitch presentations

Pitch presentation tips: Lessons from amateur dramatics

The build-up to a theatre performance that has only a single opportunity to really impress an audience got me thinking about just how similar this all is to preparing for and delivering an important pitch presentation.

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How to win a pitch presentation as the incumbent

Bidding and presenting as the incumbent

Bidding and presenting as the incumbent is different from capturing new business. You have a track record, they know you, it's harder to offer excitement. It's a bit like trying to impress a stranger versus trying to impress your own spouse...

Sales tools and sales presentations
Theory of pitch presentations

Review: Pitch Anything by Oren Klaff

Pitch Anything is a fascinating book. It’s about how to pitch, but much of it is about everything around the pitch – prospects who keep you waiting, decision makers who leave early, or even executives who sit drawing pictures while you are talking to them.

We’d been badly let down and got hold of BrightCarbon on a Friday afternoon – with a Monday deadline! They were reassuring, professional, easy to work with. They listened and delivered great visuals – now adopted across the board.

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