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Sales presentations are the cornerstone of many companies’ sales efforts, yet so often they aren’t given the time and attention they deserve. Thrown together at the last-minute, often your sales reps stand up in front of a sales presentation that's nothing more than a glorified page of notes. Read this article for everything you need to make the ultimate sales presentation.

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14 sales presentation ideas

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Sales presentations are important, but 1000s of people each day ignore the principles of sales presentation design and sales messaging and deliver material that is tired, ugly, and ineffective. These sales presentation ideas will help you to easily improve your sales presentation; stand out, engage your audience, and sell more.

Aug 2019

Bidding and presenting as the incumbent is different from capturing new business. You have a track record, they know you, it's harder to offer excitement. It's a bit like trying to impress a stranger versus trying to impress your own spouse...

Aug 2019
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The typical sales presentation is too long, too hard to follow, and all about "me". The introduction is all about "me" not "you". The audience don't know how to fit the information they are given to the wider structure. Benefits come right at the end, when everyone stopped listening already. Let’s turn this approach on its head with a more effective sales presentation outline.

Aug 2019
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Webinars are a significant part of the modern B2B marketing mix. Yet a lot of companies fail to give webinar presentations the attention they deserve. If you are going to do it, do it right - with these handy webinar presentation tips.

Aug 2019
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Pitch Anything is a fascinating book. It’s about how to pitch, but much of it is about everything around the pitch – prospects who keep you waiting, decision makers who leave early, or even executives who sit drawing pictures while you are talking to them.

Aug 2019

Any one of these 13 sales messaging mistakes could be costing you money. From failing to find persuasive messaging, to telling your story in a boring way that makes prospects switch off, to arming sales people with the wrong sales tools - if you make these mistakes, your sales will suffer.

Aug 2019

Before sitting down to write a sales presentation, it’s first necessary to understand what kind of a change you want your prospects to make. To do this, you need to understand what they are doing now, and what you are asking them to do instead. With this understanding, you can set clear (and SMART) sales presentation objectives.

Aug 2019

Most of the time, an introduction doesn’t need a slide explaining who your company is, or who you are. The best way to build credibility isn't to talk about yourself for five minutes, but to talk about your prospect's challenges and concerns in an intelligent and insightful way. There are plenty of clueless salespeople from large companies, so being big isn't enough.

Aug 2019
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The opening is a great place to try to teach prospects how to see the world with your sales presentation. This article provides a template for your sales presentation opening, to help you display understanding and influence your prospect.

Aug 2019

For a sales tool to be effective, it needs to work for those expected to use it. This means that sales tools designed for a new sales team need to capture the sales pitch that the charismatic leader gives – but not to reply upon being a charismatic leader to work.

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