eLearning Assessment

eLearning Assessment: Learning or Performing?

When you’re teaching a skill, it’s important to assess learners’ progress. It’s a way of making sure you’re on the right track to meeting your learning objectives, and flags up anything that you might have missed. Whilst quizzes, tests, and other eLearning assessments are a tried and tested way to track improvement, learners start to suffer when eLearning is focused more on assessment than on the act of learning itself.


Proofreading in eLearning

Lots of people dislike proofreading their work. Some actively hate it. It can also be pretty difficult and time-consuming. I’m really selling it to you so far aren’t I? Let’s take a look at the important role proofreading plays in eLearning content development.

Pokemon Go

Pokémon Go: Lessons for Learning

Pokémon Go is everywhere. The app is brilliant inspiration for gamification, a stand-out example of augmented reality, and a testament to the power of nostalgia. E-learning developers, teachers, and learning and development professionals: take note! There’s a lot that we can learn from Pokémon Go…

Interactive Videos

Interactive Videos and eLearning

eLearning provides an exciting opportunity for learners to engage with an interactive platform, acquire knowledge, and develop new skills. However, most eLearning is still stuck in the past, with pages and pages of texts and a multiple choice quiz to finish. There are so many more ways to have your learners interact with your eLearning content. Let’s discuss…

eLearning Principles

Five simple Tips to Incorporate Teaching Principles into eLearning Creation

Do you struggle with writing and developing e-learning content? Do you spend hours considering what to include in your staff or sales training? One solution to your problem could be going back to university for one to three years; to gain a wealth of knowledge on teaching principles, strategies and best practises. Or you could just read this blog…