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“TheSkimm” and the 80/20 Concept

Many of us want to be up to date on what’s going on in the world, or at least appear to be up to date in what’s going on in the world when we go into work every morning. Every year one of my resolutions is “stay up to date on current events” or “read the newspaper more”. But much like a soap opera or a novel, if you don’t pick up from the beginning there are a lot of things that just don’t seem to make sense to you. Of course, these articles aren’t catered for the new comers…

Sales Kickoff

How to Kick Life into Your 2016 Sales Kick-off

I know it seems like summer is just over but it’s now the time of year when many of you will be starting to plan your company’s sales kick-off event. Now I’ve been exposed to a number of these over the years and, to be kind, let’s just say that they haven’t always been the inspirational and motivational events they could have and should have been! So, what’s the solution?

Trade Show

Sales Presentation Lessons from Exhibitions and Tradeshows

We exhibited at a large trade exhibition a couple of weeks ago, and I went along to see what other vendors are up to. A lot of exhibitions are a desolate wasteland for exhibitors with nothing but tumbleweed and other vendors to stop the boredom. This show was actually pretty busy though, and by walking around l think I managed to notice things companies were doing (right and wrong). Some of these observations are surprisingly apt for sales presentations too…


Whiteboard Presentations aren’t all Visual

The claim by proponents of whiteboarding is that PowerPoint is dull and text-heavy, and that using a whiteboard promotes visual communication. But just because you use a whiteboard doesn’t mean you avoid boring text-heavy communication – you may just be swapping text-on-slides for text-on-paper.

SEO Conference icon

Should Business Owners Attend SEO Conferences?

A little while ago, I attended a conference called LinkLove in London, organised by Distilled. The conference was primarily aimed at ‘SEOs’, but also suggested that it might be suitable for (small) business owners. So I went along. Was it worthwhile, did our business benefit, and what would I suggest to other small business owners considering attending an SEO conference?