Another update to SlideShark is upon us. Man, they just keep on improving this fantastic app! So what are the latest additions to the PowerPoint playing iOS app?

SlideShark have added the following:

  • Hyperlinks in presentations are now supported (internal and external)
  • Team Edition users can now replace (update) presentations and retain metrics
  • Users can now download presentations up-to 5 times faster
  • It’s now possible to import a presentation from additional cloud storage providers (e.g. Google)

The most interesting of these additions is the ability to now add hyperlinks to your presentations. This means you can link your slides to each other within a presentation and you can also link direct to a website. But why would you want to do that? Let me explain!

Let’s look at hyperlinking slides within a presentation. This is a neat feature that lets you make your presentation interactive. You can now choose a path through your presentation depending on what your audience is interested in. I’ve got a couple of examples below that demonstrate this.

Here at BrightCarbon we have a presentation that talks about the return on investment you will get if you decide to enlist our help developing a sales presentation. However the reasoning is slightly different if you are a small company compared to a larger company. With this in mind, at the start of our presentation we can decide which path to choose depending on whom we are speaking to.

At the start of the presentation we have this slide:

hyperlinks in slideshark PowerPoint MenuNow by simply tapping the appropriate icon or label we can jump to the relevant section within the presentation.

Another cool way to use these internal hyperlinks is to add them to a graphic showing your value proposition, as in this example below:

hyperlinks in slideshark PowerPoint Value Proposition

Now you can navigate, by tapping on your iOS device, to the area your client is more interested in. Use of this type of hyperlinked value slide at the end of your presentation, when receiving question can be very powerful. You can use the hyperlinks to navigate back to the appropriate area to help answer questions and above all reinforce your messages.

A combination of these two approaches makes for a very interactive and engaging presentation, where the audience is in control of the presentation. Thus allowing them to dictate the information they receive, and make the presentation a much better use of their time. We call this type of presentation a VisualConversation®. Previously, the way to move between topics in SlideShark was to swipe up and select a different set of slides, or part of a presentation. Now, with hyperlinking, a prospect can navigate without needing to know where to find things on your device.

The iPad itself  has become an essential sales tool to a lot of people, and we’ve some further thoughts on that too.

Okay, so that’s what it does. Here’s how to add the hyperlinks:

  • Firstly within PowerPoint make a note of the slides you wish to jump to, essentially note down the slide numbers and title for your own reference.
  • Then we create a slide that will act as our menu, in the value example there are 3 options to choose from, Consistency, Security and Visibility & Control.
  • Right-click on the item you wish to hyperlink and select Hyperlink… Remember to right-click and hyperlink each item that users will want to click, so if there is a text box and a shape, you’ll need to hyperlink both items.
hyperlinks in slideshark PowerPoint Hyperlinks


  • This will take you to the following screen:
hyperlinks in slideshark PowerPoint Hyperlink Location


  • You can then select the slide you wish to hyperlink to.
  • If you wish to hyperlink direct to a website, then choose Existing File or Webpage from the options on the left and you’ll be able to add a website address, as in this image:
hyperlinks in slideshark External PowerPoint Web Links


  • It’s a good idea to link the destination slides to each of the sections as well, so you can navigate quickly from any menu.
  •  Once you’ve added the hyperlinks, you can then save your work and these will be set within the presentation.
  • Now simply upload to SlideShark and you can then navigate these presentation with hyperlinks from your iOS device.
  • Then you can tap and hold to activate a hyperlink within your presentation.

If you haven’t already you can get access to a 30 day free trial of SlideShark Team Edition here. It provides exceptional reporting for sales managers and marketing departments.

So get linking your SlideShark presentations – to create some truly interactive and engaging decks for your prospects!

Let me know how you get on in the comments below.

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