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When carrying out BrightCarbon's Advanced PowerPoint training course, showing Keyboard shortcuts to help people carry out every-day tasks much faster than normal is always a really big hit. Download our PowerPoint Keyboard Shortcuts PDF here...

Nov 2022
12th Feb 2021

Review: Slidewise

    We review Slidewise, a font and media add-in for PowerPoint which gives you a deeper insight into your documents. Is it the answer to our font-finding prayers?

    Nov 2022
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    Pictures in PowerPoint can be tricky to get to grips with. Choosing the right size has an impact on both the file size of your presentation and the maximum monitor/projection size you can use without degrading quality.

    Nov 2022
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    If you've ever run or written a macro for PowerPoint, Excel or Word on a Windows PC you'll probably be familiar with the Developer tab. Move over to the Mac and you'll be able to turn on the Mac Developer tab for both Excel and Word but it simply doesn't exist for PowerPoint. Until now!

    Nov 2022
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    One of the things we recommend PowerPoint users do is create a quick acccess toolbar. It's a easy way to get to some of the hidden functionality in PowerPoint. But when do you find the time to create one? What tools should you add to it? Here at BrightCarbon we've created a PowerPoint toolbar to help.

    Nov 2022
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    If you use PowerPoint a lot, chances are you’ll have seen your fair share of glitches and malfunctions. And nothing is so frustrating as losing work or precious time to PowerPoint crashes! So, after doing some of my own extensive research, here are the most common reasons why PowerPoint crashes and what you can do about it.

    Nov 2022

      You probably already recognise Microsoft Office as a powerful suite of applications designed to make your working day productive and, dare I say it, even fun! But did you know you can get even more out of Microsoft Office applications through automation solutions?

      Nov 2022
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      BrightCarbon is buzzing with excitement, because we’ve just released BrightSlide - our incredible PowerPoint add-in. BrightSlide was created by our team of PowerPoint experts with input from our professional presentation designers. Its purpose is to supercharge your workflow with a bunch of incredible PowerPoint productivity and design tools, functions and shortcuts way beyond PowerPoint’s normal functionality. And best of all? It’s totally free!

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