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Value Proposition Process for Sales Presentations

There are essentially two ways to write a value proposition for a sales presentation. The first is the top-down value proposition process, and the second is the bottom-up value proposition process. Either way, sales presentations ought to be structured around a clear value proposition statement so that they state how prospects benefit by choosing your solution.

sales meeting agenda

Sales Meeting Agenda

Sales presentations don’t exist in a vacuum. They are delivered as part of sales meetings. What’s an effective agenda for a sales meeting? When does it make sense to present? Is there a one-size-fits-all answer, or do things change as we move through the sales cycle?

Book review - new sales simplified

New Sales. Simplified – by Mike Weinberg. A Review.

Sales people fail at new business sales, Weinberg contends, because they are too passive, lacking in focus, unwilling to call prospects, focus on existing accounts too much, and because they lack the core sales skills. With the right approach, right support, and right targets, many (but not all) sales people could generate new business.

Virtual selling

Virtual Selling – Best Practice for Presenters

When presenting to a small group online, you really need to be thinking more in terms of conversation – and not in terms of a one-way presentation. With a webinar, you talk, everyone else listens. That doesn’t work as well when selling to a small group, or even to one person, online. People expect more

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Sales cycle message presentation

Sales Cycle, Sales Message, and Sales Presentations

To be successful, sales tools need to be appropriate for the time in the sales cycle when they are used. Too many sales tools answer the question Why Us? before the prospect is looking to change. Or, they answer the question Why Change? but simply drive prospects into the arms of competitors because they fail to then promote their own services.