Sales Presentations


Sales Meeting Goals

What you are asking your prospects to do? What action do you want them to take as a result of your sales meeting? What do you want to happen after you deliver your sales presentation? What’s your desired outcome? The answer isn’t always as simple as just “buy something”.


Sales Presentation Objectives

Before sitting down to write a sales presentation, it’s first necessary to understand what kind of a change you want your prospects to make. To do this, you need to understand what they are doing now, and what you are asking them to do instead. With this understanding, you can set clear (and SMART) sales presentation objectives.

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Sales Presentation Introduction – What to Cut

Most of the time, an introduction doesn’t need a slide explaining who your company is, or who you are. The best way to build credibility isn’t to talk about yourself for five minutes, but to talk about your prospect’s challenges and concerns in an intelligent and insightful way. There are plenty of clueless salespeople from large companies, so being big isn’t enough.

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Who Uses Your Sales Tools?

For a sales tool to be effective, it needs to work for those expected to use it. This means that sales tools designed for a new sales team need to capture the sales pitch that the charismatic leader gives – but not to reply upon being a charismatic leader to work.


What are you Selling?

Answering the question “What are you selling?” should be the easiest thing in sales. After all, every sales person can talk about their own solution. But understanding what you are really selling can be an important step in terms of your sales messaging. Not everyone can answer these simple questions about what they actually sell: