Sales Presentations

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Marketing & Sales: Getting and Retaining People’s Attention

So here is the problem. You know that you have a good product or service. And you know that people, companies or organisations that use your product or service get great benefit out of doing so. These things you know. The problem is how do you first get people’s attention and then, once you have it, how do you retain it for long enough to get your message across?


Sales Presentation Definition

A presentation is a talk in which a ‘product, idea, or piece of work is shown and explained to the audience’ (Oxford English Dictionary), often including a ‘verbal report presented with illustrative material such as slides, graphs, etc.’ (Collins Dictionary). So, how can we define the related term ‘sales presentation’?


Sales Presentation Outline

The typical sales presentation is too long, too hard to follow, and all about “me”. The introduction is all about “me” not “you”. The audience don’t know how to fit the information they are given to the wider structure. Benefits come right at the end, when everyone stopped listening already. Let’s turn this approach on its head with a more effective sales presentation outline.