PowerPoint has a ton of built in animations, but poor use of distracting effects has given them a bad reputation. When used well, animation is a great tool for presenters! Animation allows us to pace the flow of information, and communicate processes and change more easily.

Without animation, presenters end up with too much on the slide at any given time. Animation is also really useful for showing how processes work, before and after comparisons, and for showing movement. That’s why animation – when used to communicate meaning – is so important.

This video presentation explains why to use animation and how to use it well. We walk you through PowerPoint’s entrance effects, emphasis effects, motion paths, and exit effects. We also teach you how to use the animation pane, how to order animations, how to work with the animation timeline, and how to set animation durations, so that you can start creating animated, visual slides in no time!

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No one was looking at their electronics; all eyes were on the podium. We raised the bar on what a great presentation is supposed to look like.

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