Have you seen those cool whiteboard animations all over TV and the Internet?  Thought it’d be a brilliant idea to have a doodle animation for yourself, but worried you don’t have the equipment, skills or budget?

Well worry no longer! I’ve found a fool proof way to create doodle animation videos without the need for cameras, lighting or…talent. You just need the right doodle animation software…

When I last wrote about hand drawn animations I discussed using a visualiser to capture your scribbles and create a video. Now you can create these types of doodle animations on your laptop or iPad – no drawing ability required, in fact no drawing required at all! We really believe in the power of visual presentations to engage and delight audiences. We think they can convey a message more persuasively than boring text and help your audience remember what you had to say. That is why we love discovering new pieces of software that encourage visual storytelling.

VideoScribe is a piece of software that allows you to create animations like this.

The software has lots of sketched images to choose from to build your animation (and you can even import your own images). So, you just pick your image, add it to the page, press play and a hand pops up and sketches out the image. You can then add the next picture and repeat until your creation is complete. Adding text is just as simple, so you can really have a field day creating your own original animations.

There are lots of options when it comes to the images and text you add in. You can specify how long they take to sketch, whether they have a specific drawing style to them, what colour they are and so on – it really lets you put your own stamp on your work, even if you are using the images provided by VideoScribe.

The camera pans over to follow the drawing, so if you place an image to the far right, the camera will automatically move to the correct position before the sketching can begin (zooming in or out as necessary), it allows for some neat effects which remind me of Prezi (which isn’t always a good thing). You can also set the camera’s position really easily, so you don’t have to have it follow and position each drawing at the centre of the page.

I’ve put together a quick ‘how to’ to show you how easy it is to use the software. So, let’s start with a blank page:

Review: Doodle animation software from Videoscribe

From here we can start selecting the images we’d like by opening up the image library and choosing an image

Review: Doodle animation software from Videoscribe

Select an image and then place the image on the page where you’d like it to appear and alter the image settings (draw time, colour scheme) to suit your needs:

Review: Doodle animation software from Videoscribe

Adding more images is just as simple, along with adding text:

Review: Doodle animation software from Videoscribe

You can change the position/size/rotation of the text and many others factors to get the desired result:
Review: Doodle animation software from Videoscribe

Continue adding images and text, to complete your doodle animation all the while never having to draw anything yourself. Once you are happy with the overall piece, you can then tweak the timings of the animations in the timeline at the bottom of the screen, adding pauses to keep images on screen for longer before moving on, changing the camera position (including zoom), and quickly changing the order by dragging and dropping the different elements.

Review: Doodle animation software from Videoscribe

With all of the timings and positioning worked out, you can then add music or even narration within the software – with a selection of music tracks available to use straight away.

Review: Doodle animation software from Videoscribe

As you can see, it’s unbelievably easy to create your own doodle animations in a matter of moments.

Review: Doodle animation software from Videoscribe

There are a few ‘flavours’ to choose from when it comes to the software, the iPad app, the free trial desktop version and the pro desktop version. All with varying degrees of access, with the pro version being the most ‘unlocked’. The trial version and the iPad version are very similar, allowing you to create some really great pieces at a bargain basement price (£2.99 on iPad, or free on desktop). However, these version, are both branded by VideoScribe, and if you want to get rid of this you’ll need to upgrade to the pro version (about £15 per month). The pro version also allows you to add in your own hands for the animation, so you can achieve some really interesting effects – if you put your mind to it.

Overall, I think this is a really neat and easy to use piece of software that’ll allow you to create original, visual, content without having to draw anything. I’m not sure if you’d want all your marketing content in this form (but check out our ULTIMATE guide to sales presentations to make sure you hit the nail on the head every time). I’m also sure there will come a time when these hand-drawn doodle animations are a bit passé. But for now, I’m having a blast using it and I’d urge you to give it a try

Let us know how you get on in the comments below.


Update: It’s been a few years since we checked out VideoScribe and we’re happy to report this lovely doodle animation software is still going strong. It’s got a shiny new interface as you’d expect, and all the assets have been updated and look clean and modern. I had a play with the trial version and created this cute scene in just a few minutes.

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  1. Image of Mark Mark says:

    Thanks for this mate. I have been searching all over the web using different phrases to find out what this drawing software would be called. Never thought of ‘doodle’!

    Thanks again for taking the time to review.


  2. Image of Daniel Daniel says:

    Yeah, I am looking this kind of software. thank you very much. By the way, do I need to install the software to my laptop? Or I use this software online? Thank you.

  3. Image of Balka Balka says:

    Thanks a lot, spent too much time to find this software
    Best Regards

  4. Image of Ronan Quinn Ronan Quinn says:

    The most off putting thing about this software is the monthly fee. Most people would rather a one off fee.

  5. Image of Anders Anders says:

    thanks for a great description, i will get cracking straight away.. 😉

  6. Image of Leo Leo says:

    Give me a link to sing up please, so i can download this ! 🙂 thnx

  7. Image of Amy Amy says:

    I am also using scribepro and having fun doing it! You can add any of your own images as well which gives you a lot more freedom in designing the marketing scribe videos that you want. Curious to know if there are other scribing softwares out there as I noticed a couple of different kinds of videos that use that squeaky marker on paper sound and scribe pro doesn’t have this feature.

  8. Image of Nori Nori says:

    Just wondering if you can eliminate the “hand”? i want to
    create an hd video with doodle animation overlay… want the cool sketchy quality of the animation, no “hand” just the line drawing magically appearing over the top of my video. Would this be the right software? Thanks so much.

    • Image of Karl Parry Karl Parry says:

      I believe you can opt to have no hands in your drawing using videoscribe. However, as it’s not our software – I’d take a look at the support pages before you signed up to make sure it’s the right software for you.


  9. Image of Belinda Belinda says:

    Do you know if these clips be put into a PowerPoint slideshow? I would like a cool start to the presentations I have.

    • Image of Karl Parry Karl Parry says:

      Hi Belinda, I believe you can. The output from VideScribe could be a video file and so you could add this to a PowerPoint presentation as you would any other video clip. I’d suggest double-checking with Sparkol directly though – as it’s their software:


  10. Image of David David says:

    I am wondering how large the image library is? There are some elements that may not be standard (a boy sleeping in a bed with covers on. Everything else would probably be standard. I am not a very good artist so drawing and uploading the images wouldn’t be for me.

    • Image of Karl Parry Karl Parry says:

      Hi David, I found the library pretty good, however one of the best features I found was the ability to upload an image, and then have the videoscribe software convert it to the sketch style. So you can find a stock photo and then have it added into your doodle animation very easily – no drawing required!

      Before you take the plunge, I’d recommend taking a look at the videoscribe site and checking out the trial version first.

  11. Image of datta3 datta3 says:

    thanks for a great description,
    iam using it and really loved it nice tool for creating interesting videos

    • Image of Karl Parry Karl Parry says:

      Thanks datta3! I’m pleased you are enjoying the tool – it’s pretty cool.

  12. Image of Natalia Natalia says:

    Hi Karl, thanks for a great review! Doodle videos are a very new thing here in Russia, and I am really happy to find so pretty easy way to make them. Hope I’ll make some amazing videos 🙂

  13. Image of Karl Parry Karl Parry says:

    Hi Natalia, glad you liked the review. Good luck with your doodles!

  14. Image of Adrian Adrian says:

    Hi Karl just wondering how to move the writing out of the way to create like separate pages on the video?

    Your help would be great

    • Image of Karl Parry Karl Parry says:

      Hi Adrian, it might be best to put your question to VideoScribe direct – http://www.sparkol.com/products/videoscribe we only reviewed the software, and don’t support it.

      However, my thoughts are in your doodle you can move the position of the camera so you can create something on the left, then move the camera to the right for more space.

      You could even create multiple doodles, and then use video editing software to knit them together into one video – so each doodle is a scene in your video.

      Hope that helps!

  15. Image of Lindsey Schiller Lindsey Schiller says:

    I have been disappointed with video scribe because it does not let me free draw objects. For instance, I want a red arrow, blue arrow and many other simple objects in different colors. With videoscribe I have to create each one in photoshop, export it correctly and import it, which is very cumbersome.

    Have you encountered any programs in which you can draw your own elements, and put them in a video?


    • Image of Karl Parry Karl Parry says:

      Hi Lindsey, we create objects in other programs like you to place in doodle animations. Surprisingly we use PowerPoint a fair bit – we are very comfortable at creating objects in PowerPoint and saving them out, but it’s the same process as any other program – creating it, and saving it out before importing into Videoscribe.

      It might be worth putting your comment direct to the makers of Videoscribe, the more people who mention issues/change requests the more change of them getting implemented.

  16. Image of tlw tlw says:

    Do you happen to know if the videosribe app can be downloaded to a flash drive instead of a hard drive?

  17. Image of Karl Parry Karl Parry says:

    Sorry I’m not sure. Best to go back to the developers and VideoScribe direct http://www.sparkol.com/products/videoscribe

    Good luck!

  18. Image of Afiffuddin Afiffuddin says:

    Such a great software. Actually, I saw the hand drawing video somewhere but dont get a right phrase to Google it and use “draw text animation movie” until i saw your site in the result page. How lucky. BTW thanks for the review.

  19. Image of Karl Parry Karl Parry says:

    No problem Afiffuddin, glad we could help!

  20. Image of Eva Eva says:

    Hi Karl, thanks for a great review! I would like to ensure that this software allows you to create or change many videos with the monthly or yearly subscription. Where are the registration terms mentioned on the site?


  21. Image of Karl Parry Karl Parry says:

    Hi Eva,

    As it’s not our software I’m not sure. It’s probably best to contact VideoScribe direct – http://www.sparkol.com/products/videoscribe


  22. Image of John John says:

    Hi, can you please teach me how to instill or incorporate videoscribe videos into other videos software? Tq

  23. Image of sachin sachin says:

    I am being using this. Very Easy / Hands on keys and quality Output. You just need a good storyboard, visual skills and little knowledge of animation tempo.
    Job Done!

  24. Image of Jasmeet Kaur Jasmeet Kaur says:

    Hi There,
    I’m highly disappointed with videoscribe. I was extremely excited once i had purchased the software as this would have given me edge over my project.While using it also i was extremely impressed.

    Unfortunately the biggest LIMITATION of videoscribe is that it is extremely weak in preserving the data.I went through the manual to save my project.My two months of religious hardwork has gone in the drain.Now my deadline to submit my project on law seems unaccomplishable.This will effect alot of people and loss of good amount of money to me.

    Please let me know how can i retrieve my lost data .I have been following up with the videoscribe team for a few weeks.But the reverts which i got were dis-satisfactory.It seemed that the default is point on to my system which i don’t find to be true at all.In fact it was also pointed that i had not made the payments timely that why they had deleted the data .That again was incorrect info.I had checked my bank statement and the money was very much transferred timely.My system is behaving quite well.I haven’t faced any problem with any other software.
    Suggest me where to escalate this .

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