Mar 2023
24th May 2013

Review: MagPointer

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New PowerPoint add-ins arrive all the time. We take a look at MagPointer. It will make presentations easier to follow and more effective, do we agree? Find out in our review.

Mar 2023
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Can a PowerPoint user be converted to Keynote? Is this the perfect excuse to use his Mac more? And how well do these presentation technologies work on iPad? As more users bring Macs to work comes the question: ‘Can we do this on Keynote?’ We answer.

Mar 2023

    If you want a quick and free way to create pretty presentations on your iPad - that can be exported to PowerPoint - you’ll be hard pressed to find a simpler solution than this. But just remember that not every presentation topic lends itself to slides that just show pretty pictures behind short bullet points.

    Mar 2023
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    Have you seen those cool whiteboard animations all over TV and the Internet? Thought it’d be a brilliant idea to have a doodle animation for yourself, but worried you don’t have the equipment, skills or budget? VideoScribe might be the software for you.

    Mar 2023

      Most webinars are too long, and start to get boring in the middle. Don't just schedule an hour because everyone else does. Ask how long you actually need to get your point across. If it's any more than 30 minutes, think about how to raise attention levels during the event.

      Mar 2023
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      People are bored of PowerPoint. But problems with panning, organising all content on a canvas, and limited animations mean Prezi is not the answer.

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