Installing BrightSlide for Mac (beta)

Our BrightSlide add-in for Windows has a one-click installer application but things on a Mac are a little more challenging due to policies of Apple and Microsoft. For now, the installation of the add-in is a semi-manual process. It’s not difficult and just requires the download of our installer script file and the installation of two fonts.
Download Installer Script
version build 10NOV2020 15:38
Features compatibility


  1. Download the Installer Script above
  2. Open the Installer Script in the Script Editor and click the play button or press cmd+r to run it
  3. If PowerPoint is not running, it will start.
  4. After clicking Yes in the window below, there will be a short delay while BrightSlide is downloaded and installed (be patient as there’s no feedback at this stage)
    BrightSlide install question

Having trouble installing? We have a simple alternative manual process coming…


  1. In PowerPoint, click Tools / PowerPoint Add-Ins…
  2. Select the BrightSlide add-in and click the [-] button followed by the OK button
  3. Open Finder and click Go while holding the option key to access the user library
  4. Navigate to and delete this folder and it’s contents: (click Go while holding the option key to access the user library)
    Group Containers/UBF8T346G9.Office/User Content/Add-Ins/BrightCarbon/BrightSlide
  5. Navigate to and delete this font file:
  6. Navigate to and delete this script file:
    Application Scripts/

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