Looking for some quick tips on how to create a more effective presentation? Do you know you want to make your PowerPoint slides more visual but you’re just not sure how to do it?

We have the answers! Check out this guest post from Visualisation Consultant, Amy Singh on Presentation Guru, the digital magazine for presentation professionals. You’ll fine these top tips invaluable when creating your next visual presentation, and you’ll soon be on the road to really effective content.

Here’s a summary, but don’t forget to head over to Presentation Guru to read the whole thing:

Cut down text on slides

Bullet points are ineffective at communicating information to presentation audiences, so break your text up into key words and arrange it in shapes for easy animation.

Show locations on maps

If you have a list of locations in your presentation, animating them across a map shows the extent of your growth or catchment area, and it helps your audience associate places and spaces with your company.

Add color cues

Use the language of color as a shorthand in your slides – red for wrong, green for right, yellow and black for danger. Or use what you know of the color wheel to make important elements stand out on your slides – think complementary opposites to make things really pop!

Use timelines

Dates and events are so much easier to understand when you arrange them on a timeline. Fact. They also look much nicer than a bullet-pointed list with some haphazard illustrations.

Replace text with labelled images

Why have a paragraph of text when you can label glossy product images, or illustrate parts of a classy stock photo? Not only does it looks better, but it’s also much easier for your audience to retain the information too.

Read Amy’s full post here.

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