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Visual Conversations for iPad

Do your salespeople have iPads? Do they have high quality sales tools to put on them, or are you still figuring out what to do with them? With Visual Conversations for iPad, you can:

  • Get rid of bullet points and static images, and delight your audience with compelling animated sales visuals
  • Re-imagine the linear sales presentation, and respond to your audience with real-time interactivity
  • Use simple sketches and annotations to hold powerful two-way sales conversations
  • Use polls and surveys aligned to your sales process to find out what your prospects really think
  • Deliver more effective sales tools, and gain the results you need.

Visual Conversations for iPad builds a sales tool around the idea that prospects want a conversation, not to sit still and listen to your presentations for 30 minutes. The iPad is the perfect tool to make that conversation visualand therefore more compelling and more persuasive:

  • Increase conversion rates with persuasive sales messages and supporting collateral
  • Build a sales tool that reinforces and supports your existing sales methodology with compelling content
  • Stand out from the crowd, and enhance your brand
  • Improve sales productivity – with less time spent creating slides, and more time spent selling
  • Improve sales team morale – by making sales interactions deeper and more rewarding
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Price £4500 £6250 £8500 £10500 £13000
Price $7250 $10000 $13500 $18500 $20750
Price €5750 €8000 €10750 €14500 €16250
Max topics 4 8 12 16 20
Messaging ½ day 1 day 1 day 1 ½ days 2 days
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Standard Services

Background & template – custom-designed, fully programmed PowerPoint template to enhance your brand. The template is yours to use in your future presentations and Visual Conversations.

Messaging consultancy – to make sure your Visual Conversation is persuasive, clear, and memorable – and therefore effective.

Visualisation – to represent your ideas in a way that is compelling, dynamic, and that sticks in the minds of your prospects.

Slide design – to deliver great looking slides that enhance your image. We use PowerPoint and Prezi, alongside sketching tools/apps so that you can make edits whenever you want to (requires separate PC).

Online reviews – to make sure our suggestions meet your needs, incorporate your ideas, and to ensure you are delighted with your Visual Conversation.

Project management – tailored to your preferences, to ensure you get the Visual Conversation you need, when you need it, in a way that’s easy for you.

iPad optimised – to ensure that you get the most from your Visual Conversation, we ensure the right balance of interactive PowerPoint, live sketching, polls, and other tools to fully engage your audience, based on your intended use.