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Brainshark provides the leading cloud-based software for creating, sharing, and tracking online and mobile video presentations. BrightCarbon is a value-added reseller for Brainshark in the UK, Europe, and Asia.

With Brainshark you can:

  • Easily transform content such as PowerPoint slides into voice-enriched video presentations
  • Share video and mobile presentations so that they can be accessed anytime, on-demand
  • Get your content onto mobile devices and tablets, via the browser or iPhone, iPad, and Android apps
  • Access extensive viewing details, so you can measure the effectiveness and reach of your content
  • Set guest books so you know who views, and security so you can control it

For sales and marketing:

  • Generate more leads, and know exactly which leads are “hot”
  • Follow-up sales meetings effectively, to maintain momentum and shorten the sales cycle
  • Allow supporters to sell on your behalf, building consensus even with executives you can’t always reach
  • Know what content works, what doesn’t, and use this to improve
  • Create dynamic content quickly and easily in order to unleash the power of your marketing platforms

For training:

  • Quickly and easily author and publish e-Learning and m-Learning content
  • Rapidly create informal learning materials
  • Reduce the cost of training delivery, particularly for compliance-led training
  • Deliver refresher training to prolong impact
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There are four main Brainshark models – or clouds – designed around the most common applications. Each cloud is priced on a per-user, annual subscription basis and offers unlimited capacity.

Sales Cloud: Including all the Brainshark capabilities needed to improve sales productivity and sales effectiveness through more impactful on-boarding, training, prospecting, social selling and live presentations.

Marketing Cloud: Enabling you to create, share and track voice-enriched video presentations that drive measurable results from inbound marketing, email campaigns, social media and more.

Learning Cloud: Delivering more effective formal training and informal “just-in-time” learning with mobile-ready eLearning content.

HR Cloud: Improving corporate communications with easy-to-create video presentations to update and inform employees about benefit plans, company initiatives and other announcements.

Contact us to discuss which option best suits you and to confirm pricing. And if one of these models is not quite right for you, we can come up with a bespoke package to fit your needs.

BrightCarbon is a value-added reseller of Brainshark, and works hard to ensure customers are successful with the platform. Support is included with each purchase, and also training on PowerPoint and Brainshark, PowerPoint toolkits, and help with slide design to ensure customers get the best from their investment in Brainshark.